Top-Notch Post Ideas for Your Freelancing Blog

Freelancers benefit greatly from having a freelancing blog.

We’ve written about the importance of having a freelancing blog here on Freelance Folder more than once, and the experts agree. Businesses that have a blog simply do more business.

But, a big obstacle for many freelancers (especially those freelancers who aren’t writers) is finding ideas to write about. This problem of knowing what to write on a freelancing blog keeps many freelancers from blogging.

In this post, I’ll give you a hand. I’ll share some ideas about topics you can blog about on your own freelancing blog. Then I’ll invite you to share your own topic ideas in the comments.

Get Your Audience Right

Before we talk about topic ideas, it’s important to discuss audience.

Many freelancers make the mistake of addressing their freelancing blog to other freelancers. I should know about this–I’ve made this mistake too.

Actually, your freelancing blog is most effective when it’s addressed to your potential clients. So, if nonprofits are your niche, your blog posts should be about nonprofits. If you write about food, a food blog can be your freelancing blog, and so on.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with blogging about freelance writing if you are a writer or about graphic design if you are a designer. But if your intended clients can’t relate to your blog posts, then your freelancing blog may not be as effective as it could be.

Now, let’s move on to some topics you can post about.

Topic Idea #1: Problems You Can Solve

As freelancers we’re by nature problem solvers. Our clients come to use with a need and we solve it for them.

On your freelancing blog, you can show your clients that you really understand their business needs by discussing the common problems faced by businesses in your niche. If you show that you can help a client solve a problem, that’s a value added for them.

Plus, writing about how you will solve problems demonstrates your expertise.

Topic Idea #2: Case Studies

Do you have a freelancing project you are especially proud of? Or maybe it’s a client that’s especially happy. Turn your success story into a case study on your blog.

Most clients are happy to be used in a case study (since it’s added publicity for them), but if your client needs some added encouragement you can always offer them a discount on their next project with you.

A case study showcases your best work and allows you to show off your expertise at the same time.

In some case studies there’s a before and after (such as a before web design and an after design). Or, you may wish to tell the story of the work you did and how your client benefited from it.

Topic Idea #3: Answer Common Questions

Are you tired of your clients and prospective clients asking the same questions over and over again?

Address these commonly asked questions in a blog post. That way, the next time the question comes up you have a ready-made answer. Answers to common questions make a great topic for a freelancing blog, and these posts are also a timesaver for you.

Plus, there are probably clients or prospective clients who have the same question, but don’t get around to asking it.

Topic Idea #4: Share What You’ve Learned

Have you taken some classes lately? Do you have a new skill set?

Show off your new knowledge by writing an informative post about what you learned.

Remember to relate the post specifically to your audience’s needs wherever you can. Don’t just regurgitate what the instructor taught you.

If you write this kind of post on a regular basis, it will show your clients that you keep your skills up to date.

Topic Idea #5: Ask Your Readers

Once you’ve got your freelance blog going and you have a healthy readership, come right out and ask your readers what type of posts they’d like to see.

The answers you get may provide you with more than a blog post topic to write about. They may also give you some insights into where your freelance business should be going.

Your Turn

Of course, these topic ideas are just the beginning. There are many, many other topics that you could write about on your freelancing blog.

Do you have a freelancing blog? What topics do you post about?

Share your answers in the comments.

Image by Ewan Munro


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