Freelancing Tips for Generating Useful Marketing Products

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Designers and developers who work freelance often have difficulty helping clients with branding. Suggestions on how to market or sell products can be a struggle if you are not familiar with their niche. However, marketing products can be universal to many areas of work.

I have put together just a small collection of freelancing tips for picking up useful products for marketing. There is always a new revenue stream to consider and new users to get on board with your company. It may take a bit of time to coerce your clients or colleagues, but the decision to invest in branding is significant.

Sticker Sets

As a kid I always remember the stickers that I got in coloring books and magazines. These can still be found decorating some of my old furniture, boxes, and video games. Stickers are a very strange form of marketing because they can last for ages. People will find stickers in the oddest places and might consider looking into the company.

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I can’t say that a set of stickers will be helpful to all clients. And even if you are launching a small startup idea, sticker sets can provide a very cute solution for promotional swag. You should check out and see what types of products they offer. It is easy to send over your own custom selections and produce sticker sheets for an entire audience.

Custom Printed Goods

There are a number of clothing items or accessories which can be embedded with your company’s branding. The logo and icon styles will certainly attract fans, plus you may offer them in a giveaway contest as a promotional tool. Any type of merchandise with your client’s names or logos will provide an exceptional source of targeted buzzword traffic.

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Consider the printing work done at BlueCotton where you can order a series of different items ready to be shipped and get to your place of work. Their most popular items include shirts, sweatshirts, athletic wear. But there is also the option of ordering more basic office supplies, like pens. Their services are excellent and when clients need some type of promotional branding, BlueCotton is the most helpful solution.

Calendars and Day Planners

How many times have you or your clients/employees needed some type of physical to-do list? Even if they do not ask for something like this, it doesn’t hurt to get organized. Investing in your own branded schedule books would be a smart investment for any company. A good place to start is by looking into Blue Soda Promo.

They have a wide variety of calendars and planners for personal use. They also offer large promotional sets when you can order in bulk. All of the customizations come from you and there are an endless number of colors/templates to choose from.

If these customers are more professional-minded then you may consider a customized portfolio instead. This is helpful when carrying around important documents. It’ll definitely become an asset to any other employees who could use it. But also selling a few to customers would help with brand recognition and loyalty(in the long run).

3rd Party Giveaways

Another odd solution is to consider offering products via 3rd party vendors. You could do a bit of research in Google for similar products in a related niche, and contact them for affiliate sales. If you can target an area which is fairly popular then people will be more likely to purchase other goods.

Clients who run a solid company with fan reputation may not be as interested. Clients to a law firm are not interested in being sold some cheap gimmick. But affiliate products can offer real value if you have a website which attracts attention for a particular group of people. Look into advertising revenues and see if there are any possibilities for hosting prize packages and free giveaways for contestants.


Not all realms of freelance design will require product marketing. But to assume you will never run into a client looking for these services is a foolish mistake. There are so many businesses out there who are willing to reinvest their earnings into new avenues for bridging over potential customers. Be sure and keep these ideas in mind when suggesting topics for promoting new services, ideas, or even business launches.