Giving Away 250 Beta Invites To ThemeForest

ThemeForestI’m sure if you are a designer or developer you’ve heard of Envato – the company behind massively successful sites like FlashDen or PSDTUTS and NETTUTS.

FlashDenan open marketplace where you can sell and buy Flash components – has been around for about 2 years and they recently launched AudioJungle which is just like FlashDen but for audio. Hey, why stop there?

They are launching a brand new website soon called Theme Forest and it’s in beta right now. Huge thanks to Collis we have 250 beta invites to give away! :)

What Is Theme Forest?

Basically, ThemeForest is a site where you can sell website templates. From CSS/HTML templates to WordPress, Drupal and Joomla themes (and more). Templates will sell for between $5 and $75 and you can earn up to %50 of the selling price. You don’t have to deal with refunds, payment system or anything, they take care of all that and they do the marketing of the site, so all you have to do is create files.

I Want A Beta Invite!!

So, you’re a web-designer/developer and you want to check out the beta? It’s very simple! First, you need a working FlashDen username (very important!! please don’t put a fantasy username, make sure you use your FlashDen username or it won’t work) and then:

Go fill out this form and enter the password ‘freelance’

That’s it! Simple huh? :)

Thanks to Collis for offering this to readers of FreelanceFolder, much appreciated!



About the author: Jon is a full-time freelancer, blogger and designer, he loves WordPress and plays guitar in a heavy act. He’s also the founder of Freelance Folder.