Holiday Sale Starts Now! Get The Client Machine for Only $39

Happy Holidays from your friends at FreelanceFolder! This holiday season we are putting all of our great products on sale. The sale for today is The Client Machine for only $39.

Learn about The Client Machine

How To Get More Clients

Get More Clients

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The workshop includes live classes, expert support and one-on-one coaching.
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  1. says

    I purchased The Client Folder last year and use it strictly as the “Client Area” on my company website. I’ve received fantastic response from my clients in terms of their invoices and proposals and it really is easy to use and fast to set-up.

    For $39 – its a steal! I think I paid $59 myself, when it was on sale from $99 brand new out-of-the-box.

    I recall having one snag at first with printing pages properly, but I contacted the team and it was dealt with and fixed within the hour.

    So, for anyone who is humming or hawing – I hoped I could prove useful! Just get it! ;) And Merry Christmas.


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