How Do You Put Ideas Into Action?

We all have ideas, some are crazy, some worth our time (and money). If it wasn’t for someone’s idea, I certainly wouldn’t be writing this post because there would be no computer, internet or WordPress.

But how exactly do ideas become reality? We all know for a fact that to make ideas happen it takes a lot more than just the idea itself. I myself have couple ideas that I am going to implement in near future and I will be following a guideline to make them a reality. Thought I would share it with you and see how you feel about these steps on making your ideas come to life.

Set Goals

The first and most important thing to do once we have an idea is to set goals. Goal setting doesn’t mean reaching for the sky at once. Although, having a goal of making a million dollar within two months would be great but how reasonable would that be? Not very.

A goal is what you want to achieve in the future, within a certain timeframe. When you are ready to take your idea and make it a reality this should be the first step to prepare it for the real world. Set goals that you can attain, goals that when accomplished will make you proud and want to reach for more. Goals that will allow you to learn in the process, goals that will make you want to aim higher and know you can do it.

Set reasonable goals while starting out with an idea. Don’t try to run right away, learn to walk first.

Don’t Rush

Imagine you have a son ( if you don’t have one ). Your only son is two years old and you would like him to become successful and happy and maybe support you when you get old. Would it be possible to send him to college tomorrow and get him a job the very next day? Certainly not. He’s two.

Your idea is your baby, give it some time to grow and mature. Love it, nurture it and cater to its needs. Spend some time and get to know it a little more, then you will be able to shape it the way you want. There are going to be times when your ideas will get out of hands, won’t co-operate, give it a little talk, work with it. You will see, just like your baby, this idea will grow and mature and may be someday will support you through your old age too.

Wine doesn’t get better overnight, same thing for your ideas.

Learn From Other People’s Mistakes

This might sound wrong but if your idea has already been implemented by somebody, don’t worry, learn from who did it first and try to learn from their mistakes, what they did wrong. If you analyze the mistakes and find out what others did wrong you will know what not to do.

Being first isn’t always best. Sometimes being late in the game gives you an opportunity to analyze the different aspects that are related to your idea. So if your idea has already been implemented by someone, learn from their mistakes and leverage your idea.

Be Positive, Stay Focused

If you think “ What if it doesn’t work?” Guess what? It most probably won’t. You are past the thought process since that’s how you got the idea. It’s time to put that idea into action and for something to succeed you need to have a positive attitude. Just think, if you need funding to start, do you think anybody will be willing to fund your project? I don’t think so because people don’t like to fund someone who thinks his/her own idea won’t work. Be optimistic.

Another most important thing to keep in mind while executing your idea is to stay focused. You will have enough barriers to stir you away from reaching that final goal. Be strong, be focused and you will pass any hurdle thrown at you.

Don’t be a sunken ship. Stay focused and you and your idea will get to the shore, together.

Creating Hype

If you have already reached this stage, let me first congratulate you, Congratulation! You must have set goals, learned from others, let your idea grow and stayed focus during your implementation process.

Once your idea becomes a product or service, the next thing to do is market. Without marketing your idea is nothing but, well, just an idea that took shape but achieved nothing. There is a difference between marketing and creating hype. When you try and create hype it’s pretty much like over marketing. You are shouting at the top of your lungs to your target customers “ Come on, we have got what you need and nobody can offer this to you but us “, are you sure? Create hype only if you can live up to it.

When you create that much buzz around something, there will be anticipation and excitement in the market and although your idea has shaped into a worthwhile product or service if it doesn’t live up to the expectations, you have just dug yourself a hole. Start out slow and market slowly. If you can take the time to let your idea grow then you certainly have the patience to let the final outcome grow with time as well.

I have couple ideas as of now and am thinking of launching them next year. So far, the goal setting has been done and rest is on its way. I am in no hurry, I am going to take my time and enjoy it every step of the way.

How about you? What stage is your idea in?



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