How Do You Put Ideas Into Action?

We all have ideas, some are crazy, some worth our time (and money). If it wasn’t for someone’s idea, I certainly wouldn’t be writing this post because there would be no computer, internet or WordPress.

But how exactly do ideas become reality? We all know for a fact that to make ideas happen it takes a lot more than just the idea itself. I myself have couple ideas that I am going to implement in near future and I will be following a guideline to make them a reality. Thought I would share it with you and see how you feel about these steps on making your ideas come to life.

Set Goals

The first and most important thing to do once we have an idea is to set goals. Goal setting doesn’t mean reaching for the sky at once. Although, having a goal of making a million dollar within two months would be great but how reasonable would that be? Not very.

A goal is what you want to achieve in the future, within a certain timeframe. When you are ready to take your idea and make it a reality this should be the first step to prepare it for the real world. Set goals that you can attain, goals that when accomplished will make you proud and want to reach for more. Goals that will allow you to learn in the process, goals that will make you want to aim higher and know you can do it.

Set reasonable goals while starting out with an idea. Don’t try to run right away, learn to walk first.

Don’t Rush

Imagine you have a son ( if you don’t have one ). Your only son is two years old and you would like him to become successful and happy and maybe support you when you get old. Would it be possible to send him to college tomorrow and get him a job the very next day? Certainly not. He’s two.

Your idea is your baby, give it some time to grow and mature. Love it, nurture it and cater to its needs. Spend some time and get to know it a little more, then you will be able to shape it the way you want. There are going to be times when your ideas will get out of hands, won’t co-operate, give it a little talk, work with it. You will see, just like your baby, this idea will grow and mature and may be someday will support you through your old age too.

Wine doesn’t get better overnight, same thing for your ideas.

Learn From Other People’s Mistakes

This might sound wrong but if your idea has already been implemented by somebody, don’t worry, learn from who did it first and try to learn from their mistakes, what they did wrong. If you analyze the mistakes and find out what others did wrong you will know what not to do.

Being first isn’t always best. Sometimes being late in the game gives you an opportunity to analyze the different aspects that are related to your idea. So if your idea has already been implemented by someone, learn from their mistakes and leverage your idea.

Be Positive, Stay Focused

If you think “ What if it doesn’t work?” Guess what? It most probably won’t. You are past the thought process since that’s how you got the idea. It’s time to put that idea into action and for something to succeed you need to have a positive attitude. Just think, if you need funding to start, do you think anybody will be willing to fund your project? I don’t think so because people don’t like to fund someone who thinks his/her own idea won’t work. Be optimistic.

Another most important thing to keep in mind while executing your idea is to stay focused. You will have enough barriers to stir you away from reaching that final goal. Be strong, be focused and you will pass any hurdle thrown at you.

Don’t be a sunken ship. Stay focused and you and your idea will get to the shore, together.

Creating Hype

If you have already reached this stage, let me first congratulate you, Congratulation! You must have set goals, learned from others, let your idea grow and stayed focus during your implementation process.

Once your idea becomes a product or service, the next thing to do is market. Without marketing your idea is nothing but, well, just an idea that took shape but achieved nothing. There is a difference between marketing and creating hype. When you try and create hype it’s pretty much like over marketing. You are shouting at the top of your lungs to your target customers “ Come on, we have got what you need and nobody can offer this to you but us “, are you sure? Create hype only if you can live up to it.

When you create that much buzz around something, there will be anticipation and excitement in the market and although your idea has shaped into a worthwhile product or service if it doesn’t live up to the expectations, you have just dug yourself a hole. Start out slow and market slowly. If you can take the time to let your idea grow then you certainly have the patience to let the final outcome grow with time as well.

I have couple ideas as of now and am thinking of launching them next year. So far, the goal setting has been done and rest is on its way. I am in no hurry, I am going to take my time and enjoy it every step of the way.

How about you? What stage is your idea in?



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  1. says

    One major problem I used to have was that I had too many ideas. I’d come up with an idea, I’d begin all the planning and sometimes even implementing it. Then I’d either find someone else who’d done it or I’d start to question it, finding reasons why it wouldn’t work, why it wasn’t a good idea, THEN come up with another “better” idea and start the vicious cycle all over again. I just recently pulled myself out of that, and began focusing on one at a time.

  2. says

    I have an idea that I’ve brainstormed, worked on, put together—now I just have to create the hype part. It’s moving a lot slower than I’d like now…I just can’t find the emotional energy to get going on the hype. Maybe making it wore me out.

    I just need to figure out how much hype I need, how much I can handle, and how to do it right. I have some good suggestions from other people in the field that I need to collect into one place. Then I’ll implement them.

    And you’re saying that I shouldn’t send any 2-year-olds I have off to college? How are they ever going to get a good start in life? ;)

  3. Luke Worth says

    The timing on this is perfect! I’ve just yesterday solidified part of an idea that’s been marinading in my head for at least my whole life, and it’s really exciting. Now I am encouraged not to try to do everything at once!


  4. says

    Good for you! I agree, projects are like living things, they need time to grow.

    The part about having a positive attitude bothers me a bit. You say if you’re not positive, why would anyone want to fund your project? It takes more than a positive attitude for someone to want to invest, especially now with the credit crunch. I’ve know of two cases where people had to mortgage their houses to start their businesses. In both cases the business didn’t succeed. In the first case the owner spent several years repaying the mortgage. The second case was more recent, and the woman ended up losing her home. Is that a negative attitude? No, I think not. I’m just saying it’s a good idea to know what the risks are.

    I would suggest changing the heading “Creating Hype” to “Don’t Create Hype”. It would give the headings a more parallel structure and be closer to what I think the section is saying.

    Outside of those two points, it’s a well-thought out article…a refreshing change from the “think positive and anything is possible” mentality. Thanks.

  5. says

    I’ve recently been working on creating action items and following through on my ideas. Its empowering. I’ve found that for me small ideas are easier to empliment and a good start. The cycle Soni mentioned sucks. I’ve gone through a bit of that as well. Its better to follow through on ideas that you can make happen.

  6. says

    Rushing is one of the major reasons why good ideas go to waste. If you have a good idea, take your time when putting it into action. Analyze all the small details of the idea to at least instill some more confidence in yourself that it will work.

  7. says

    I can relate to this article and ALL the responses.

    I have worked in corporates for all 15 years of my working career and ALWAYS wanted my own business. I was just scared that the cashflow would drop too much in the initial stages.

    Until i learned that its about a LITTLE bit of ACTION each and every day. Make a start -however small. Don’t expect it to be perfect from the first day.

    One day, my hobby website became part of my income- and from day 1- I earned more from the corporate programs that I did as a CEO.

    What’s more -its a free website – so I’m paying it forward.

    Thanks for the great article

  8. says

    Ritu great article as always! This is so timely as i am going through a similar process myself in creating two products to be launched early next year. I am someone who has an idea and just wants to run with it, but over the years i have learnt to pace myself, think the idea out thoroughly and test it before taking the leap!

    I think its also important to learn from peoples success as well as mistakes, learning from someone at the top of their game can provide you with valuable insight.

  9. says

    I know exactly what you mean by having too many ideas. I myself am constantly struggling with ideas as to which one to implement and which ones to let go off. I have decided to take one task at a time and implement them as I go, slow and steady.

    I find marketing to be one of the most difficult aspect of of any idea or project for that matter. It’s always a scary thought when you are ready to get out there and expose your ideas to others. How are they going to take it? What’s the outcome going to be like? All these questions just linger in my mind. I am pretty sure you will do just fine. I gues the main thing is to stay positive.

    I am glad this post came out at a right time for you :-)

    Thanks for the suggestion. I should look into that. Also I agree about the positive attitude not being the only factor when getting funding for your projects but it will atleast get you going. The way I look at it, if you are doing something and it doesn’t work out one way, there is always another one.

    Goodluck with the action items. What action items have you been making anyways? Keep me updated on how things are going. I am big fan of action figures and would love to see your creations.

    Very true! I have made the mistake of rushing my ideas time after time. At the moment it seemed like a good idea but it probably was, but again with the whole rush I always left bits and pieces behind to make it a reality.
    I am learning from my own mistakes and from others.

    Congratulations on your hobby website making you money. Exactly! it was a hobby website and you probably didn’t even think it would make you money. Ideas take shape as we go , sometimes when we implement them we don’t even realize how good they are or what they can do for us. It’s all about taking the time to let it grow and mature. And yes, no matter how small a little bit each day makes it something worth at the end.

    Thanks for the kind words :-) . I can relate myself to you when it comes to running with ideas. I have done it so many times that I have learned to slow down. Sometimes slowing down is the best thing to do. Like dwayne said, a little bit of action everyday makes a difference.

  10. B.shailaja says

    8 jan 2010,

    Really I just came to Know right now after reading the comments given by Dwayne, Grace.One more thing i wanted to share with all of you is “to make ideas into action”.
    Just set a goal and reach reach reach until you get suceed by putting all your ideas into action.Because this is only a one life where we need to put all our ideas into action this oppurtunity is only given to huuman beings to implemeant the ideas.

    we all just enjoy life only by working hard and implementing our ideas into action.and by reaching our goals.

    God bless you

  11. says

    How could you translate this to a persona plan like dieting, giving up smoking or drinkin, I would like to know your ideas on this :))


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