How to Find Your Unique Writing Style

As bloggers, writers and authors we need to find a unique edge over other people to stand out from the crowd. But, what is the one thing you have that nobody else possesses, which you can use to have an advantage over your competitors in your industry?

Yep! It’s your personality–a unique mixture of your life experiences, values and talent.

How do you cultivate your personality in your writing so that you can stand out from the crowd?

Everyone’s unique. We are all different with various colors, talents and styles. To inject your personality and your voice into your writing, you first need to find your style. Here are some tips to help you find your unique writing style.

Create a Case Study of Yourself

Who are you? Find out about yourself. Do a complete case study of yourself.

Start by asking others what kind of a person you are.

Sometimes it’s hard to look at yourself from another person’s perceptive, so grab a friend or a family member and start a conversation. Listen to how you talk and find the key elements that separate you from the other people in your conversation. Make a list of all the interesting and not so interesting things that other people tell you about yourself.

Also, find out how you react in different situations that you encounter in your daily life. Ask your friend or family member to be truthful and honest. Jot down all the pros and cons that they can think of about your personality.

Record Yourself

If you don’t want to talk to someone else, grab a video camera and start recording yourself. Talk about the experiences in your life. Talk about your goals for the future and about any other experience close to your heart.

When you watch the recording, study yourself by grabbing a piece of paper and a pen and jotting down interesting features you find in your recorded video about yourself.

Finding your style will help you build a clear image of yourself and help you when you sit down to finally start writing.

Define your goals. What do you want the readers to get out of your writing? Aim for your goals, and then project your message into the readers’ minds. Make them ponder. Make them feel your voice in their head.

Become an Artist–Express Yourself

Once you’ve discovered your pros and cons and have a clear image of yourself, always keep this image in your mind whenever you write.

When writing, you need to become an artist who can express themselves to the extreme and easily convey your message to your readers.

Explore Your Values

No matter what topic you are writing about, explore and define your core values and outcomes.

Do you believe what you say? Or, are you just saying things because everyone else is?

Your values will set boundaries in your writing and this will make you credible to your readers. Start by building trust and loyalty between you and your readers. This will launch you to a new level of respect among your peers.

Tell a Story

A great way to separate yourself from the crowd and stand out is by telling a story in your writing.

People love stories. We are always reading, watching, listening to stories, whether it is in the form of books, movies or even music. Convey a story to readers that benefits them with lessons, morals, experiences, and so on.

Keep your story short and to the point. Make it interesting and not complex or hard to understand. Stories bring a personal touch to your writing that connects the readers and brings a new perspective to the table.

Write with Passion

The number one reason why most writers fail is because they write without passion. A reader can clearly tell if the author really feels what he says, or if the author is just writing for the sake of it.

Passion connects emotions. Express yourself truthfully and honestly. For example, if you don’t agree with the prevailing opinions in your industry, then don’t go along with them just because every other person feels that way. Find your voice and stand up with confidence and with passion.

It doesn’t matter if other people agree with you or not. Your readers will still appreciate you for speaking your mind with honesty. They will know that you have your own voice and that you speak your own opinions.

Eventually your honesty and passion may result in people from your industry coming to you for your opinion about the next trending topic. They will turn to you because they know you speak with passion and that you don’t just go along with what everyone else is saying.

Successful authors and blogs with massive audiences are those who write what they feel and are not pressured by the voices of others. Passion and honesty always builds your credibility.

Don’t Be Predictable

Don’t let the reader know what’s coming next.

Unpredictability keeps your writing fresh and unique and urges the reader to continue further and deeper. Don’t make it obvious what’s coming next. Create your own personal approach.

When tackling problems in your writing, find your unique approach that’s never been used before. A prime example of a unique approach is a guest post I wrote on Charlie Chaplin and copywriting.

I know you’re probably thinking, “How did I approach a subject like copywriting by talking about Charlie Chaplin?” Right?

I did it by introducing a new and a fresher approach that was completely different from other articles written on copywriting. I brought a new perceptive to the table and opened a fresh page in people’s mind by connecting a real live example. Your approach matters!

By cultivating your personality in your writing you bring a fresh and personal perspective into the readers’ minds, one that will open doors for readers to ponder over your words and allow you to welcome a larger audience.

Your Turn

How do you personalize your writing?

Image by Bright Meadow