How to Get More Done and Have More Fun

Have you ever thought that by simply rearranging your daily tasks you could increase your productivity, get more done and enjoy yourself more? The biggest asset of freelancers worldwide is that they usually do what they love, and love what they do. But, what happens when you get stressed with deadlines, long working hours and lots of clients and you don’t have any more time for yourself, your family or your personal projects?

Most of you are probably organized to some extent. Most of you probably have a to-do list where you add tasks that need to be done and tick them off once they’re completed. However, have you ever thought that by simply rearranging that to-do list you can rediscover that working is fun, pleasant and enjoyable? By simply rearranging to-dos you can give yourself daily boosts.

How? You may ask. In this post, I’ll answer that question and show you how to get more from your work and more time for yourself.

Arrange Tasks Based on Importance

For starters, it is really important to arrange the items in a to-do list based on their importance. You wouldn’t want to finish ten tasks, only to realize you’re tired and worn out and there’s one last important task you simply cannot finish in time.

By arranging the tasks in the to-do list based on their importance, you know that each day you’ll start with the most important ones. Even if there’s an emergency in the middle of the day, chances are that the most important tasks due today or in the next few days are completed, and you can stop working and go where your needed.

Doing this will allow you to handle your business accordingly, and no matter what challenges you, you will always be professional in front of your clients by always delivering on time.

Arrange Tasks Based on Complexity

After you’ve arranged your tasks based on their importance, it is wise to rearrange some of them based on their complexity. By doing so, you put the complex tasks at the start of the day when you’re fresh and kicking at full speed. This way, when it’s past noon, all the tasks you are likely to have on your to-do list are easy, simple, unimportant tasks that don’t require extreme caution.

You’ll ease your daily work and prevent errors from occurring in the key features of the projects you’re working on. Therefore, you’ll deliver high quality solutions without stressing out about it. The quality of your work will be easily preserved.

Arrange Tasks Based on How Fun They Are

By now, you’ve made sure that your daily tasks are arranged so that you finish the complex, important ones first, and leave the rest for the end of your day. However, by noon or definitely by the end of the day, you’ll be somewhat tired to an extent that you’re looking at the time every five minutes.

You can improve how you end your day by simply placing tasks you love to do at the end of the day. You like designing a lot? Place some of the designing tasks at the end of the day. You like coding a lot? Then, put some easy coding tasks at the end of the day.

By doing so, when you’re almost about to give up and stop working for the day, you’ll stumble upon a task you love to do, and that will keep you going on and you’ll finish your work.

By the way, you can also put fun tasks at the very start of the day. Doing so will give you a boost on starting the daily work. You’ll be well rested and be starting with something you absolutely love doing.

Arrange Tasks Based on Client Income

At first, this suggestion may seem a bit odd, but hear me out. Why would you finish a task for a client that pays you around $100 a month, when you have another similar task you need to finish for an old client that’s been paying you $300 a month for the past 2 years?

Even the opposite were true–you had to choose between a one gig client that’s paying $300 for the job at hand and a long term one paying a monthly fee of $100, I’ll still choose to do the task for the later. What if you only have the time to complete one task, and you’ll lose the client that you didn’t provide the work on time to? Which client would you choose then?

Round Up

Of course, there are probably many other ways you could arrange your daily tasks. I’m just sharing some ideas that work really well for me. Moreover, by arranging your tasks based on their importance and complexity you are somewhat abiding to a couple agile development methodologies, which are proved to be very effective in getting things done with super high quality.

Your Turn

How do you arrange tasks to make sure that you get the most done?

Image by smemon87