How to Get More Freelancing Visibility

There’s a simple answer to the question of why you don’t have more clients. Your potential clients don’t know that you exist.

While many freelancers don’t think much about how easily they can be found by their prospects, all freelancers should consider visibility. Your freelancing ability affects whether or not you attract new clients.

If your prospective clients can’t find you, then they can’t hire you. That’s a fact.

In this post, I’ll discuss why freelancing visibility is important. I’ll also explain how you can make your freelancing business more visible.

Why Freelancing Visibility Is Important

Are your prospective clients having trouble finding you? Do you rarely get an inquiry from a client?

If you don’t have a very strong online presence and your marketing efforts are weak, your clients may indeed be having trouble finding you.

Your prospective clients are looking for freelancers offline and online. However, most clients will wind up using the freelancers who are most readily found–those who are most visible.

Take a few minutes to imagine that you want to hire a freelancer. Imagine that you know very little about freelancing and that you don’t know any freelancers personally.

Where might you go to try and find a freelancer to hire? Now, go there and look to see if you can find your freelancing business listed there. If you can’t, you may not have enough visibility to attract new clients.

How to Get Visibility

Don’t worry. With some hard work and smart decisions, you can make your freelancing business more visible.

Get more visibility online through the following:

  • Your Website. It amazes me how many freelancers still don’t have their own website. When setting up your website, remember to brand it for your specialty (which is what the client will look for) and not your name.
  • Your Blog Posts. Blog posts are a great way to increase your visibility. Not only do they demonstrate your expertise on a subject, frequent posting has SEO benefits that will make you easier to find in the search engines.
  • Your Guest Articles. If you write guest articles on a variety of popular sites, you can increase your visibility. Make sure that the sites where you submit guest articles are targeted to your prospective client.
  • Your Social Media Participation. Participation in social media (and especially LinkedIn) raises your freelancing visibility. Make sure that all profiles are as complete as possible and include your freelancing.
  • Member Sites. Joining a professional site can also expose you to prospective clients, provided that you pick the right site to join. Once you join, be sure to take part if you want to be visible.

Offline visibility is also important if you want to attract clients.

Become more visible offline in the following ways:

  • Professional Meetings. You can often meet a prospective client by joining a local professional society. Consider joining your local Chamber of Commerce. Like any membership, you benefit most if you are active.
  • Advertising. Sometimes local advertising pays off. Local ads are often less expensive than national ads. Check into the cost of an ad in your local phone directory and/or your local newspaper.
  • Direct Mail. Do some research and identify some local businesses that fit the profile of your ideal client. Put together an informative mailing that describes your freelancing services.
  • Cold Calls. After you’ve done a direct mailing, follow through with cold calls. If you can, do some research to see who would be hiring freelancers with your specialty and ask for that person.
  • Your Guest Articles. Local newspapers are often looking for columns or guest articles from business professionals in the area. This can be a great way to raise your local freelancing visibility.
  • Your Class. Teaching others can also raise your visibility and position you as an expert in your local area. Check with the library, community centers, or Chamber of Commerce to see if offering a class is an option.

Your Turn

Do you have enough clients? If you don’t, you may not have enough visibility to attract clients. Hopefully, some of the ideas in this post will help you raise your freelancing visibility.

Is your freelancing business visible to prospective clients?

What methods do you use to raise your freelancing visibility?

Share your answers in the comments.

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