How You Can Simplify Your Freelancing Business

Simplify Freelancing BusinessHaving a simple lifestyle is common to freelancers. For some, a simpler lifestyle is imposed upon them by the reduced and unpredictable nature of their freelance income.

But for others, downsizing is a choice.

A simple lifestyle, including a simple freelancing business, gives you more focus. Because simplifying tends to cut down on distractions, you may enjoy higher productivity. A simpler lifestyle also tends to be less stressful and more financially sustainable.

In short, simplifying your freelancing business and the rest of your life will give you more time and energy for what’s really important to you.

How can you simplify your freelancing business? Below, I go over several areas of your business that you can examine and simplify:

Your Clients

I’ve said many times that freelancers are better off targeting a select group of potential clients, rather than everybody and anybody with a wallet.

Focusing on your clearly defined Ideal Client will simplify your marketing. You’ll also communicate more clearly and more effectively to one Ideal Client, than to an entire population of possible clients. It will also make your work easier, because you won’t need to switch from one niche to another.

Your Services

Another way to simplify your freelancing is by paring down your offerings into a few key services you’re really good at, and that you’re happiest doing.

This doesn’t mean those are the only services you’ll ever do. If a client needs other services done, and you’re willing to do them, you’re free to do so. But you don’t need to advertise it for everyone.

Your Work Process

Do you find yourself doing the same tasks over and over again? Do you need to double-enter data or information in several pieces of software? Do certain stages of your work processes take too long?

Then you probably need to simplify your work processes as well. The easiest way to do this that I know of is to make a flow chart of each work process. A flow chart makes it easier to visualize the process and identify backlogs, redundancies, and unnecessary steps. Cut those out. Finally, create a revised flow chart to show your new, simplified work process.

Your Marketing

As freelancers in today’s hyper-connected world, we have dozens of marketing strategies at our fingertips, and most of them are more affordable than ever. That doesn’t mean, though, that we should use them all.

In fact, it would be a better idea to start out with two marketing strategies. Once you get a feel for what works better for your target clients, then you can expand to another strategy, and so on.

Don’t forget to evaluate your results. Discard those marketing activities that aren’t bringing the results you want, and do more of those that do.

Your Home Office

Simplifying your home office is imperative. Get rid of the clutter, the unnecessary gadgets and gizmos. Not only will you save time by finding things more easily. You’ll also be more relaxed, more productive, and happier in your office.

Your Finances

Look at your expenses. Which ones are unnecessary? Which ones could be replaced by less expensive alternatives?

Also look at how you’re managing your finances. Can you simplify your record keeping? Your bookkeeping? Here’s a tip: Hire a bookkeeper and accountant.

How To Simplify

Simplifying, put simply, is all about sticking to what’s necessary for your health and well-being. It means thinking twice, three times, or more before offering another service, taking on a new client, or buying another equipment or software. It means adopting a minimalist approach to everything.

This may sound extremely harsh and spartan. However, having a simple lifestyle is an ideal that we strive for. Nobody gets there immediately and, truth be told, not all people want it.

I’ve experimented with frugal living several times, and I’ve always ended up miserable. I enjoy having treats every so often and giving my family some luxuries.

That said, the act of striving for greater simplicity, I’ve found, is often enough to begin enjoying some of its benefits. There’s less grasping for and more receiving, less chaos and more peace, less wanting and more enjoying.

Is this something you want for your freelancing business? If so, in what ways do you think you can simplify? Share your thoughts and experiences by posting a comment below.

Image by gtall1