How To Stop Scrambling For Clients And Get A Steady Stream Of Paying Gigs

Stop Scrambling for ClientsFreelancing can be your ticket to freedom — but it can also be a terrifying ride if you have a hard time getting a steady stream of clients.

There’s good news, though — it doesn’t have to be that way.  By taking a look at the “big picture” for your freelancing venture, you can position yourself to have more business than you can handle even in today’s tough economy.  So let’s put “scrambling for  clients” behind you and dive into a few strategies that put you back in control of your freelancing future.

Smart Strategies For Landing More Billable Hours

  • Don’t look desperate. Every freelancer knows the stomach-knotting tension that hits when business is tight — but you don’t want to communicate that to your clients.  When you seem overly anxious to lock down business, it’s easy to get taken advantage of by clients from hell who abuse your time (which could be better spent building your business).  Put your game face on when you’re interacting with clients and show them you believe in yourself.
  • ABC – “Always Be Closing.” Securing more business from existing customers tends to be easier than finding new ones.  While you work with every client, always be on the lookout for creative ways to add additional services or expand the scope of your current services.  You don’t have to be a pushy salesperson about it – just keep your eyes open for additional ways to add value, and help your clients see how giving you the extra work is a benefit to them.
  • Focus on Referrals. Word-of-mouth is simply the most effective form of advertising, and if you aren’t making it a top priority, you’re practically begging for some “scramble time.”  Don’t just hope for client referrals — make it something that naturally happens with each client by using key referral generation strategies that make clients want to pass your name along.  When you visualize each client as a source of referrals (and not just money), you change the way you do business for the better.
  • Build your brand. If you’re “just another freelancer” in the eyes of the world, why should people be knocking down your door for business?  Work on building your brand instead by asking yourself the three big branding questions that help communicate to prospects why they should become lifelong customers.  A solid brand is the magnet that brings clients in month after month — make sure to do it right.
  • Command the spotlight. The world is always waiting to discover the next big name – and that name could be yours.  Do things that get people talking about you and you’ll be amazed at how more business starts coming to you.  Guest post, get interviewed or try some of these 35 ways to get noticed and experience how a little bit of spotlight can take a whole lot of work out of drumming up new business.

What Are Your Top Tips For Pulling In New Business?

These five tips alone could change the way you finish up the year – but you can help take it a step further.  Post a comment with your favorite strategy for bringing in new business (and browse the current comments for a few gems that can help your business grow as well).  The economy may be trending downwards, but this can still shape up to be your best year ever.  See you in the comments.


Image by Shereen M