I Really Need to Find It!!! Resources And Tools For (pretty much) Everything

I am constantly looking for resources and places to go for fonts, articles, ideas and jobs. I asked Jon if I was the only one and he said no, we’re probably all like that. So I figured I should share some of the sites I have used and abused. These sites are all easy to navigate, and offer a wide range of services and resources. Whether you are in need of a new font or medical insurance that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, its here.

This list is, of course, far from being complete! Please feel free to add to the list by leaving a comment! :)

This site offers freelance projects as well as a place for employers to post. Geared toward graphic designers and web designers.

Post your resumé and search for IT and techy job openings. Won’t let you get past the front gate unless you post a resumé so I have no idea how in depth this site is.

Freelancers Union
This has a little bit of everything including member advocacy, health insurance for freelancers, freelance gigs and more. It is an easy to maneuver website with lots to take a look at. If you are one of the thousands in need of health or dental insurance check this out! It was designed just for folks like us.

This is the prescription partnership for America program Montel Williams talks about. If you do not have insurance that covers your prescriptions, you owe it to yourself to check this site out. This site offers an easy to fill out application, and submits it for you to pharmaceutical companies willing to send you the medication you need at little or no cost. It takes about 30-45 days to get approved, but if you take medication regularly, you need to go here!

Get A Freelancer
This is really designed for folks with patience. Don’t get me wrong, this is a good site with a lot of decent jobs. Cast a wide net, don’t be too particular and see if you catch a whopper.

Sologig helps connect employers with top independent talent throughout the United States. And they mean it! This is an excellent resource for anyone considering relocating to another city or state. Find out what’s there before you go.

All Graphic Design
This site has more resource than my old dog has fleas! I write for these guys once in a while and they have so much good stuff going on for them. There are articles on just about everything imaginable, job postings, directories, software, shareware, tutorials. The list just goes on and on. Take a week and go to this website ‘cause once you go, you’re hooked.

Lots of great job postings here. They are a little hard to break into, but a good resource all the same.

Freelance Switch
This site has lots of great articles for freelancers as well as a job board, community resources, and links to hundreds of other great sites. Take your time because there is a lot to look at here.

Remote Gurus
RemoteGurus.com is your #1 place for finding freelance professionals working abroad or remotely. This includes freelance programmers, freelance web designers, freelance graphic designers, freelance writers, freelance search engine optimizers, freelance systems administrators, freelance accounting/payroll specialist, and so much more!

Freelance Photographer Jobs
This is a clearing house of websites offering job postings for photographers and web designers. It offers an easy to navigate website with good links to more resources.

Writers Market
This site requires registration and costs $3.99 a month but if you are a writer, this is the most up to date information on guidelines, publishers, contact information and who is taking what kind of stories and how they pay out. It also has great articles and stories for inspiration.

Academia Research
This site is for highly educated eloquent writers seeking to write research papers and more. Once you register, a test is sent for you to fill out. They score you based on language, spelling, grammar, and sentence structure as well as content. This is a very high end website offering a very high caliber of writing to their clients. However, I have heard once you are accepted into this program, the jobs are excellent and payment is above average.

Royalty-free Stock Images
I love free stuff!!! Clearing house to some really great websites that offer free or inexpensive photography. Easy to navigate and lots to look at. And it’s all right at your fingertips.

News, tips, tutorials, downloads, and jobs. This gets into the news and behind the scenes most of us tend to ignore or forget to pay enough attention to. You can really learn some new things with this website and get some great downloads while you’re at it.

This is the very coolest in font downloads!!! I can always find something new and wild when I need it here. Lots of Free downloads, shareware and commercial grade fonts to use and abuse. This site gets an A++ in my book!

This is a really cute website that has lots of neat tutorials, articles and resources. It has good variety as far as topics are concerned and the layout is easy to navigate and click.

There are resources and financial help to those with the patience to find it. This is THE place to go for grant money and the process to get it. It takes you step by step and there are no books to buy, no crazy guy in a weird tie, and no run around. This is THE resource for grant money in the USA.

When you need to know something about any subject, you will probably find it here. It has a wide array of subject matter for beginners to advanced, as well as links to other sites offering more in depth discussions and articles. They also have a great newsletter and lots of free downloads.

Startup Nation
This site not only offers great articles and how to’s, but lets you look for jobs and advertise your own. And it’s FREE!!!!!

Pixel Addiction
These guys have some great articles and tutorials as well as the best selection of contests for graphic designers I have seen in a while. Not a lot of advertising cluttering up the space and is a worthwhile trip if you are surfing.

Layers Magazine
This is where the masters hang out I’m sure. Excellent tutorials and articles for all designers in all genres.

I hope you found this list helpful and you discovered some new sites. Please add to the list by leaving a comment below :)


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