I’m Sure You Could Use More Desktop Space

Even though I have a fairly large screen (wait! I have 2), I always have to hide applications, resize windows, like there’s never enough space. More space on my desktop would really help me be more productive. Well some folks have a solution, it’s called 360Desktop.

Grab all of your favorite web apps and content — web widgets, RSS feeds, AJAX start pages, or any part of any web page — and make them available any time, in an expanded photo-panoramic desktop. – 360Desktop

I have to say it looks very interesting, and I’m sure many of you could make good use of that additional space, and also all the goodies they’ll include. They’re not even in beta yet, but I can’t wait! (hopefully the Mac version will be in the beta, we’ll see.)

Great job 360! Can’t wait to have a photo-panoramic desktop :)