Is It Stupid (Or Crazy) Enough To Work?

Red ChairI used to work in sales and marketing for a big telecom company here in Montreal before I decided to go solo. It was a big building, 14 floors I think. On each floor you had a different department (or many).

I remember the 9th floor where all the creative people used to spend their days; designing the next version of the website, the colorful posters, writing kick-ass sales letters, thinking of a new logo and all.

I ended up working there for a couple of weeks (although they ‘needed‘ me in another department, and I eventually had to leave… damn-it!). And almost everyday we would see people coming in to give their resume. Most of them didn’t seem interested in the creative stuff and looked like they just needed a ‘job‘.

Well, one day this guy showed up with a red chair, and he wanted to meet the supervisor, he said he didn’t care about the HR guy, he wanted to see the immediate supervisor so he could talk to him for a sec.

So there he was with his red chair, he waited for about 15 minutes, then the supervisor went to meet him, and the guy said:

– Hi, my name is [shall remain unnamed], I want to work for you guyz. I brought a chair, you can keep it, you will never see me sitting on it if you hire me. My name and phone number are written on the chair. Call me.

And he left.

The following monday, ‘the guy with the red chair‘ got a call, and a job.

Why Did He Get The Job?

That company probably gets hundreds of resumes every week, and they picked the guy with the red chair. Why?

I’m sure many of the resumes they received were great, if not impressive, and I’m sure there was a hundred people better qualified than this guy. But they hired him.

The guy proved them he was creative and confident enough. He wasn’t afraid to just go ahead and try it, even knowing it was a kinda crazy (who would show up just like that with a red chair?).

He got the job.

What About You?

Please take a minute to share your stories, I’m sure some of you did something similar (I did! But that’s for another post). It would be interesting to read your ‘crazy‘ stories. How you managed to get a job, or a gig. How a stupid (not so stupid if it worked) idea helped you get a contract. ;)



picture of the red chair by Nate Steiner.