IzzoNet – A Quality Online Store Software

I had heard people say that the bookstores in their localities were running out of business due to Amazon but I hadn’t quite believed them and had dismissed such stories as rumors. But recently there was a report in the newspapers that Penguin publishers have merged with Random House publishers as Penguin was suffering huge losses due to ebooks and Amazon. This is just one example which shows that online shopping is far more superior than offline shopping.

So if you too are thinking of starting an online store and selling online but are not sure which tools you should use then this article is for you. We recommend you go for IzzoNet.


The website of IzzoNet claims that it is the best ecommerce software in the galaxy. The thing that makes IzzoNet stand out of the crowd is that it provides every store owner with a personal ecommerce expert. An expert will be assigned to you who will guide you not only in the creation of your online store but also in the propagation and workings of your business.

Creating a store with IzzoNet is easy. The first step is to sign up for a free 15 days’ trial period by filling in a small form. Then there are seven simple steps to follow.

1) Choose a theme. A sports products store will require a different theme from that of an ebook store.

2) Add your own content. Of course a store is not really yours until you add your own material.

3) Add products to sell. Until you add your products it is not a store.

4) Add payment gateways. Will you receive money through PayPal or credit cards? Add what you want.

5) Add any taxes that may be necessary.

6) Set a domain name for your store. You can add your store to your preexisting domain name or you may purchase a fresh domain name from IzzoNet.

7) Launch and go nuts.

Once you are online you need marketing to attract customers. IzzoNet offers excellent marketing tools for you to promote your business. Some of them are discussed below.

Coupon distribution


Most people visit coupon websites before making a purchase as there they can get discount coupons which they can then use to get a concession on the MRP. Take your business to where these people are by using coupons and distributing them to relevant websites. IzzoNet helps you do that through its coupon distribution feature.

SEO analytics review

SEO or the Search Engine Optimization is a technique that, if properly used, will bring in a lot of traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo!, etc. SEO is a method by which you can tweak your website with relevant keywords, anchor texts, etc. so that you may “spoon feed” search engine spiders which helps them to scan out your website and display it in relevant search results. Now, IzzoNet provides you with an SEO tool that will gather all the necessary data about your store’s website, analyze it and then produce a review. The review will present you with an instant report on your current data and will advise you on how to improve your search engine rankings.

Integration with eBay


Do you want to sell products both on your IzzoNet store and also on the mega store eBay? IzzoNet allows you to seamlessly integrate your IzzoNet and eBay accounts. This means that you can control your eBay store from your IzzoNet dashboard. This will save you a lot of time and energy in hassling between the two accounts.

Amazon marketplace integration

If you are not selling on eBay but on Amazon, IzzoNet can still help. IzzoNet allows you to integrate your Amazon and IzzoNet stores so that your IzzoNet dashboard will allow you to manage your Amazon account.

Newsletter marketing

I heard an interesting story in a podcast of a blogger, who works as a business consultant. One of his clients was seller of home and office furniture. Their business was not working well. The blogger told them that when a person comes and buys products from them then they should ask him to fill in a small form in which he was required to give his email id along with some other details. Implementing this method they soon had a big mailing list. Then when they had new stock they just sent out an email to all their previous customers that they had new products to offer. Within a few weeks they had sold out their entire stock which otherwise took months to sell! This is the power of email marketing. IzzoNet allows you to manage newsletters and organize your email marketing strategy so that you may not depend on third party apps to run newsletters.

Mobile integration

According to a recent survey the number of smart phone users is higher than the number of tooth brush users! IzzoNet will create a mobile friendly website for your store so that anybody surfing through a mobile phone can come and surf and buy things on your online store.

So that is all people. I hope this article would have helped you in some way. Have you ever used an online store? Have you ever tried to sell products online? What was your experience? Let me know in the comments below.