Keep The Creative Juices Flowing – Tips For The Freelance Artist

As a freelance artist, I recently started blogging, I am amazed at the amount of people who have come forward through social networking sites. The exchange of services for a freelancer is absolutely an awesome beginning. I have sent out a few pieces of art to those that have helped me, and I have had wonderful emails back how they love what I have sent them.

If it’s something you love, sometimes give it away, the rewards can be astounding and can eventually lead to great business.

Here are some tips that can help get your creative juices flowing:

Differentiate Yourself, Your Business

Writing to capture a particular audience in today’s marketplace can be a struggle, depending on your area of expertise. With the booming internet and social networking at the forefront, this is a hot topic and get’s picked up often, but it’s also flooded. It’s tough to get noticed when there are so many other larger dogs on the porch.

I can only repeat what many have said, turn it, and spin it into a niche market. Offer up something different within your niche, no matter what it is, there is someone that will search for it.


…has a talent, an expertise or something to say, utilize it and put it online for…


When getting started, exposure is necessary. It is also often times miss-understood to some that are not aware of social networking. I am talking in terms of blogging and exposing your product or yourself as a freelancer. I have had people run the other way in the corporate world when I mention blogging or attaching themselves to a blog. Oh the horror! Come on, who are the up and coming decision makers? That’s an entire other article to be written, trials and tribulations of selling the social network aspect!

Blogging is a way to expose your service, your words or your product. Even if it’s only a small little blurb every now and then.

Be Dedicated

With any job, craft or hobby, you have to be loyal. When I sit down with a blank piece of paper, I try and give it a deadline. Often times as a freelancer it’s hard to stick to a dedicated goal; there may be a beer in the fridge that needs attention, a garden that needs weeding, or just a sit in the sunshine that has been neglected. If you stick with it within reason, it can be accomplished.

Leave the project in front of you. As an artist; I tend to tube the one’s that are not really catching my fancy. I’ve thrown so many into tubes that are incomplete, and I know they could be great. I recently brought one out, flattened the sucker and it turned into a beautiful piece. I left it sit though, for a day, and stared at it each and every time I walked into the studio. I realized I couldn’t just leave it incomplete. If you have projects that are back burner projects, keep them out in front of you, and be dedicated to look at them a few times a day. You will eventually find the inspiration and finish them.

You Have The Ability

Face it, if you didn’t have the ability you wouldn’t be in the line of work you are. There are days when I have done a sketch about 6 or 7 times over from the beginning, because I didn’t like it. Knowing the ability is there to create what was asked, but not being able to do so. I know the right one’s within reach, it is at this point in a project, you must walk away. Your ability is being blocked; it’s not a huge issue, unless you’re my husband who has to hear it. It will come.

Make It Your Outlet

I said a few paragraphs back, if you can niche-a-size your market, your ability or your talent, that’s going to bring in some success. It may not be a huge cash cow, but if you have the talent and the ability, you can make it your outlet. Even if that niche falls into an over flooded market, it’s always worth giving it a different spin. Personalize it, humorize it. It helps your creative juices flowing for other projects.

Constructive Criticism

Take it constructively; don’t go off the deep end. I suggest even asking for it. It can only benefit you and help you grow as a freelance worker. When you find a weakness, human nature is to defend it, don’t. I’ve done that, let it come and learn from it. If you ask your spouses for criticism, be prepared, they will freely give it. Than ask a friend, or fellow freelancer, take the two and come up with a balance point.


Enjoy not only your successes, but your failures as well. Those are what we learn from most. I strongly believe the space that we create in, has to be enjoyable. I have converted my office/studio into anything that is pleasant to me, I have a few of my favorite original pieces and two walls decked out in Chicago Bear Blue and Orange and all my memorabilia. I have to say, it makes me happy, it’s simple, but there is not one thing unpleasant in this little corner of my house. It helps… and it’s enjoyable…

What about you?



About the Author: Susie Kleiner started learning SEO and Internet Marketing a year and half ago for an Exhibit House – and part of that job involved selling the importance of SEO and Social Networking, a concept that is way out of the box to those that have never heard of it. I started my own Art Blog – which has been quite rewarding since drawing is my biggest passion. In my opinion, we must not be afraid to try new things.