Living Project-To-Project?

Someone Said Outsourcing

I quit my “day job” a couple of years ago to focus more on my passions (music, design, writing, among others), and hopefully make a living doing so. Another reason I quit my job was because I wanted to be my own boss, work my own hours, and basically be free to work with/for whoever I wanted to.

Saying goodbye to 9-5 wasn’t an easy decision to make, but someone had do it, and that someone happened to be me. It meant a lot of things, and literally changed my life, but it also meant saying Hi! to 12-14 hours of work per day. And still to this date I rarely work less than 10 hours a day, usually 6 days a week, sometimes 7. The difference is I get way more things done in those 10 hours than I did back then in 14 hours. Don’t get me wrong, I love it! ;)

The 4 Hour Work Week?

4 hour work weekYou may have heard about the 4 hour work week book by Tim Ferriss. It’s really a great book, really thought provoking and great tips on living a more productive and fulfilling life. I learned a lot reading this book, and Tim’s blog is simply brilliant.

Is That Possible For Freelancers?

For most people, working only 4 hours a week would be a dream coming true. And freelancers?

I mean, I love what I do, playing music, designing sites, writing, I love that! I get a lot out of working on my own projects (and projects for clients), creating something, or getting my thoughts “on paper“, expressing myself. But I sure wouldn’t mind spending some time on the beach, and have more “free time”. ;)

It’s pretty difficult to enjoy that free time, if you have no passive income, money coming in every month without you having to work for it. The thing is a lot of folks are living project to project (similar to “paycheck to paycheck” huh?).

What can you do then?

Sometimes we don’t see what right in front of us, what’s obvious. Well Tim provided the solution (Thanks Tim!).

Solution: hire someone. outsource your work. outsource your life.

You simply have make enough money, so you can pay people and still make ends meet and have enough to live that cool lifestyle. Outsource those tasks you usually don’t feel like doing. You’re good at some things, and you hate doing those other ones you find are not worth spending time on, let someone else deal with those, someone who enjoys working on stuff you don’t. win-win for everyone.

How Does That Sound?

Many folks I know (including myself) had some success with outsourcing, for my part I really do enjoy working and creating things (I guess most musicians are like that). What about you? Could you live that “4 hour work week“, is that something you think would fit you? You probably wouldn’t miss the stress that goes with your work and meeting deadlines, but what about expressing yourself and creating something? Would you spend more time on your own projects?