MarketMeTweet: Will It Help You Find Clients on Twitter?

MarketMeTweet ReviewLately, I’ve been playing around with MarketMeTweet, a new Twitter application for marketing and branding.

MarketMeTweet allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts to promote your business. You can send tweets, as well as get your replies and direct messages, retweet, and send messages to others. It works with PC, Mac, and Linux.

Will MarketMeTweet help you find clients on Twitter? The short answer is, “Yes, but….”

Useful Features for Freelancers

Three features stand out, which could be potentially very useful for freelancers:

1. Scheduled Tweets

If you’ve been using Twitter for some time now, you know that you need to send the same tweet several times over a specific period, to reach as many of your followers as possible.

You could just as easily do this for free. Prior to using MarketMeTweet, I was using the free version of SocialOomph. However, with SocialOomph, I had to type a captcha code every few tweets. It was getting pretty annoying and time consuming.

2. Brand Management

This is a cool feature I never even knew I wanted. In a nutshell, this feature allows you to brand each tweet you send out through MarketMeTweet. At the bottom of your tweets, instead of seeing “via MarketMeTweet,” it will say “via (Your Brand)”.

In addition, your brand is hyperlinked to any landing page you specify, such as your blog or a special page for Twitter users.

This is particularly useful if you have a Twitter name that’s different from your company name. Or you just want to get more exposure for your brand.

3. Smart Following

MarketMeTweet will find Twitter users you can follow, based on keywords and negative keywords you specify. You can even follow users from specific countries only. This will help you find new contacts from a particular industry, field and geographic location.

Not-so-great Features

Now for the downside. My primary misgiving about MarketMeTweet is the ease with which you can spam others using this tool.

1. Reply Campaigns

Now I know why I occasionally get a random tweet from somebody I don’t follow, and who doesn’t follow me, and said tweet often makes no sense! It’s because of services like Reply Campaign.

Here’s how it works: you specify keywords and standard replies. The app goes and looks for tweets with your keywords. Anytime it finds one, the app replies to that Twitter user with one of your pre-loaded template replies.

For example, say my keyword is “freelancing.” And let’s say one of my template replies is “So you’re interested in freelancing? I highly recommend”

But what if the actual tweet was, “@somebody when did you start freelancing?” Now you can see why the person who receives my standard reply would go, “Huh? Who IS this weirdo?”

Therefore, this is one feature I don’t recommend you use. If you want to engage in conversation with anybody on Twitter, do it manually. The way real humans do.

2. Twitter Management

This is the part of MarketMeTweet that lets you see your friends’ tweets, @ messages to you, direct messages, and Twitter search.


Maybe I’ve just been using Tweetdeck too long, but I find MarketMeTweet’s display area to be way too small. Basically,  my friends’ tweets, @ messages, DMs and groups are smooshed together in two columns. I have to scroll up and down a lot to see more than two messages at a time. I miss my columns!

3. Search

Twitter’s search feature is a valuable tool for freelancers. Not only can we find prospective clients, but we can also do real-time market research, get our questions answered, and find practical help instantly.

Unfortunately, because of the very small display area in MarketMeTweet, you can only see one set of search results at a time. If you want to search another keyword, you’ll lose your previous one. Once again, Tweetdeck far outperforms MarketMeTweet in the search area.

The Bottom Line

There’s plenty to love and hate in MarketMeTweet. If you schedule a lot of tweets, or manage multiple Twitter accounts, you’ll get your money’s worth (MarketMeTweet requires a one-time fee of $39.99. This is not an affiliate link.).

However, the casual Twitter user is better off using the many free, albeit less convenient, Twitter applications available. Other free and paid options include:

  • TwitHawk
  • Hootsuite
  • SocialOomph

What’s Your Take?

Do you use MarketMeTweet? If so, what are your thoughts about it? Or do you know of a better alternative? Do share!