My experience with Depositphotos

Sponsorship by Depositphotos

I’ve decided to update my website with a new design to boost its functionality (it’s a relatively small website dedicated to outdoor ads). I’d like to make it more colorful, reduce textual content, and add more visual content. Even though I can’t spend a fortune on images, I don’t want to use low-quality graphics as it can scare away prospective clients. While searching for a good deal, I stumbled upon that offers free images. Depositphotos is  a relatively  small and new image library in  in comparison to microstock giants, but it is rapidly gaining momentum. It offers a free trial subscription that allows bloggers and site owners to download up to five images a day. In turn, you just need to do reviews and use links. The amount of free images depends on the number of your site visitors and its rating. In addition, they are always ready to organize a mutual contest and give away free subscriptions.

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I contacted them (you can send them an email to, sent them a link to my site and received my free subscription in a couple of days. So, I’m currently downloading my free images and thinking about further cooperation with them. Being a new player in the microstock business, Depositphotos’ offers make it a good competitor to Istock, Fotolia, and others.