New Freelance Job Site AwesomeWeb Launches

freelance job site awesome webAwesomeWeb is the latest freelance job site to enter the market. It is a “marriage” of the teams behind 1stWebDesigner and IncomeDiary. They claim AwesomeWeb is an attractive alternative to the existing freelance job sites out there.
How? By matching a select group of web designers and developers to higher quality projects.  In theory, it is a win/win situation. Freelancers can find better projects/clients and businesses can find higher quality web designers.

Should you join AwesomeWeb? In a word, Yes.

Here’s why.

  • They offer a full 90 day money back guarantee. If you don’t earn your monthly fees back, they will refund your money. At just $17 per month, you can essentially test the service for just $51 over a 3 month period. If it does not produce any projects, you get your money back.

That should be a big enough reason to get started immediately. This is an easy source of new traffic to add to your marketing plan. But if you need a few more reasons to join, here they are.

  • Most freelance job sites in the industry charge a 8-30% commission. With AwesomeWeb you only pay the $17 monthly fee.
  • They are currently limiting the number of freelancers to just 500. So you are competing against a much smaller group of freelancers. (As of this writing there are just 34 spots left.)
  • They allow direct contact between freelancers and potential clients.
  • They are tapping into the IncomeDiary customer database to provide high quality business contacts. These business owners are not looking for cheap ways to outsource. They are looking for web designers and developers who can solutions.

Go here to join AwesomeWeb.

If you already have an AwesomeWeb account, share your results. Or if you would like us to review another freelance job site, let us know.