Open Thread: Are You Managing Work-Life Balance?

My recent post on work-life balance (complete with music video) has been hitting a nerve with many freelancers and entrepreneurs.

While being self-employed obviously has its perks, many people are getting the sense that building their business has been costing them too much in terms of family, relationships, and personal life goals.

What about you?

  • What’s your biggest secret to work-life balance success?
  • What’s your biggest struggle to achieving that balance?

Let’s hear from all of you in the comments below – the tips you give may help others, and vice versa.  Because nobody wants to end up singing this song at the end of their freelancing career …



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    I set a schedule and stick to it.I treat my freelancing as a regular job with regular hours. I have been known to do overtime, but at least stay with the schedule for minimums. I also let my family know my schedule.

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    Everyones work life balance is different and ive alway found that it hard to explain my work life balance to my friends who have different goals and ethics.

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    My secret: I refuse to multi task. Work time is work time and family time is family time, and never the two shall meet, even if my office is right off the DR. I am one minded in this way.

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    Allena T put it quite well, my freelance work that started as a hobby has developed slowly, so I have found it tricky to balance that one after my day job!

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    For me, I have just given myself 2 days a week to do my business, outsource what I don’t want to do or not able to do.

    I have been freelancing for a while, 10+ years.(even though I currently work for someone else PT) given that I don’t have a lot of time to waste I am now more focused and time conscious.

    The best way to find more balance is to be clear what you want and knowing how long it is going to take you to do, what you want to do.

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    Biggest secret: Know when to stop and that money is not everything. One of the few reasons people cannot balance their life/work is because they tend to place income, “opportunity costs”, work, clients – above everything else. If you are looking for work/life balance – try putting life above work – and you would get a whole new perspective.

    There is also a Chinese saying that goes something like that: “Resting is for the purpose of going a longer mile.”

    Rest – and you shall work better. :)

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    Balance? With three grade-school kids about, it’s a moving target. But a routine (albeit flexible) helps. So does understanding from those around you (including you) that sometimes you have to punt.

    And sequester yourself until a deadline is met.

    And reward yourself for a job well done.

    And do it again.

    And again.

    Until you retire. In 2028…

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