Open Thread: Do You Accept Rush Work?

Some freelancers dread them. Other freelancers welcome them as a way to make extra money.

I’m talking about those last-minute jobs with impossible deadlines that freelancers are sometimes asked to do–otherwise known as “rush work.”

There are several approaches that a freelancer can take towards rush work.

Some freelancers operate on a strict “first come, first serve” basis. If a potential client contacts them with a rush job that is due before work that they are currently working on, they turn the new project down.

Other freelancers welcome “rush work” as an opportunity to charge additional fees. Rush fees among freelancers vary widely from an additional nominal amount such as $50 dollars to twice or even three times their normal rate.

Finally, a few freelancers decide whether or not to take “rush work” based on their financial status. If they are short of cash or needing to earn a little extra, they will accept last minute projects. However, if they are feeling financially secure, these same freelancers will turn them down.

What is your policy?

Do you accept rush work?

Leave your answers in the comments.