Open Thread: Do You Already Have a Twitter Newspaper?

It seems that Twitter newspapers are popping up everywhere these days.

Typically, a Twitter newspaper uses a service like to compile tweets from a particular Twitter user’s account according to parameters defined by that user. The user can use popular Twitter features such as Twitter lists and hashtags to control what content appears in the newspaper.

While I can certainly see some advantages to Twitter newspapers such as SEO advantages and an additional opportunity to get your name in front of potential clients, there are some disadvantages as well. For example, some Twitter users complain that the newspapers are annoying.

The trend has caused me to wonder, how many Freelance Folder readers have a Twitter newspaper?

Do you have a Twitter newspaper?

Leave your answer in the comments. If you do have a Twitter newspaper, could you also share how it is working out for you. Do you feel that your newspaper is well received? Does it bring additional traffic to your site or additional work to your freelancing business?

Image by erix!