Open Thread: Do You Work On Vacation?

The idea for this open thread comes from the fact that, well, I’m off at a ski resort right now. It’s early, and not everyone is awake yet, but here I am sitting on my laptop working :-)

Working while on vacation is something most freelancers do, especially if it’s a vacation that’s not taken during the holidays. There are usually a lot of things we can leave behind, but leaving behind everything is pretty difficult.

But is it healthy to work on vacation? Should you do it, or is it just taking away from your resting time? Do you enjoy working on vacation or do you dislike the fact that it’s sometimes necessary?

Answering and dealing with these questions is important to your long-term happiness as a freelancer. There will be times when you’re on vacation and may or may not want to work. You might also enjoy it, depending on the type of work you have. Let’s take a look at some different questions:

  • Do you work when you go on vacation?
  • Which things do you leave behind, and which do you take with you?
  • How do you handle needy clients or urgent projects?

Let’s discuss in the comments…