Open Thread: Have You Been Hired by Another Freelancer?

Freelancers get to work for all different types of clients. There are good clients, bad clients, large clients, and small clients–to name just a few.

You name a type of business, and a freelancer has probably worked with them at some point. However, in this post I’d like to shift the focus a bit.

What I’ve been wondering is this:

Have You Worked for Another Freelancer?

Do freelancers hire each other very often? If they do, do they treat each other well? What challenges do they face?

If you’ve worked with a freelancer before (or are currently working with a freelancer), share your experience in the comments. Share any tips that you may have learned. Naturally, leave out any specific names.

Also, if you’ve hired another freelancer, feel free to share that as well (leaving out names).

Image by Johan Larsson