Open Thread: How Do You Handle Your Accounting Tasks?

Accounting is a struggle for many freelancers. While most freelancers are an expert in their chosen field, many have little to no training in accounting.

Yet, proper accounting is a vital part of running a freelancing business. An accounting mistake can have serious consequences for a business. Good accounting practices can mean the difference between having a profitable business and losing money.

There could even be negative tax consequences for not keeping your bookkeeping records correctly.

I was discussing this topic recently on Twitter with fellow freelancers @SHurleyHall and @leslieajoy. Both agreed that they would love to know more about accounting.

Which causes me to wonder about our freelancing community here on Freelance Folder.

How do you handle your accounting tasks?

  • Do you use an application like Quickbooks, Freshbooks, or something else?
  • Does someone else handle your accounting and bookkeeping tasks for you?
  • Do you handle your own accounting?

Share your answers in the comments. If you use an application, be sure to share the name of the application.

Image by Horia Varlan