Open Thread: How Is Today’s Economy for Freelancing?

Can you believe it, we’re already five months into 2011?

One of the main issues characterizing the time that we live in, and in particular, this year is the poor economy. While the economy may be improving, I’ll let you in on a little secret. I feel that today’s economy is rougher than it was when I first began my freelancing business.

Of course, a rough economy isn’t always bad news for freelancers. In fact, it could be good news if companies replace the employees that they’ve let go with freelance workers. (And I believe this is often the case.)

So, what I’m wondering today is:

How has the economy affected your freelancing business?

Things have changed a bit since we first asked about the economy in 2008 and we’d like to hear what freelancers have to say about the economy today.

Have you had to make any adjustments or changes to your business due to the 2011 economy? If so, what were they?

Has your freelancing business benefitted in any way from the economy?

Share your answers in the comments.