Open Thread: How Much Time Do You Spend on Marketing?

Something that most non-freelancers don’t realize is that it take an awful lot of marketing effort to build a successful freelancing business. The time that you spend marketing your freelance business is not time that you are getting paid for.

In fact, I’ve read where some freelancing gurus recommend spending at least half of your working time on marketing. While there’s no doubt that marketing is terribly important to freelancing success, I wasn’t sure whether most freelancers actually spend half their time on this task.

Thinking about this topic got me curious–I wonder how much time our readers spend on marketing each week?

In fact, that’s this week’s open thread topic:

How many hours do you spend on marketing each week?

I’ll start. If I include the time spent networking, I spend between one and two hours a day on marketing. However, I may be an exception because I have been freelancing for a long time and I get a lot of repeat business and business through referrals.

Let’s hear from you. How much time do you spend on marketing?

Leave your answers in the comments.