Open Thread: What Motivates You?

Freelancing is a world in which motivation and self-discipline can make the difference between success or failure. Freelancers overwhelmingly work at home, and on their own, where there is nobody else to make you work hard and finish projects on time.

But each freelancer is different, and there is no single answer that will help you stay motivated. Some are motivated by the promise of future prosperity and expansion, while others want a stable job that let’s them spend time with their family.

Some freelancers stay motivated out of their fear or dislike for working at a big company, others are motivated by a love for their trade and are simply happy that they can get paid for it.

Knowing what motivates you is an important step towards staying disciplined and productive over the long-term. So, what is it that drives you to work hard?

  • Are you motivated by the promise of future success and prosperity?
  • Does the freedom you have as a freelancer drive you to work hard?
  • Are you working because of the stability and value you can create?
  • Are you driven out of fear or dislike of working for someone else?
  • Do you work hard because you love your work and want to do more?

Tell us what motivates you in the comments.