Open Thread: What Project Management Software Do You Use?

Project management applications and customer management software get a lot of attention here on FreelanceFolder, and with good reason — finding a good project system is an important part of creating a successful freelance business.

But finding the right project management tools for your situation can be very difficult. Even freelancer-loved solutions like Basecamp and ActiveCollab are only good for certain types of freelancers in certain situations. There are a number of generalized and free tools available too, but they are often complicated or lacking in a single crucial area.

Another option used by many of the bigger freelance businesses is to use a custom-made system. This tends to be expensive, but can seriously help long-term growth.

On the other hand, many freelancers simply rely on Google Docs or a whiteboard for their project management (and they do quite well with it).

How do you manage your projects?

  • Do you use applications like ActiveCollab, Basecamp, or something else?
  • What other tools do you rely on for project management? (Google Docs and/or a whiteboard?)
  • How do you fit everything together into a unified and efficient system?

Share your answers in the comments…