Open Thread: What’s Your Slogan?

What\'s Your Slogan?Earlier this year we ran an open thread entitled “What’s Your Elevator Speech” that started an excellent conversation with a ton of insightful comments. Lots of people in that thread were coming up with elevator speeches, helping other people, debating best practices, etc… It was a solid success all around.

Today, we’re going to continue with that general topic and take a look at another important part of marketing: your slogan.

We’ve all read advice about creating a slogan — there is certainly a lot of it floating around — but chances are many of you haven’t yet settled on something you love. Why don’t you give FreelanceFolder’s readers a chance to give you some tips or ideas?

Write down your slogan ideas in the comments below, and we’ll all try to help find something that works for you. If you’ve already found the perfect slogan then feel free share your accomplishment with the rest of us, or help others work on theirs :-)