Open Thread: Where Do You Find Your Freelancing Work?

There are many ways for freelancers to get work. We’ve covered a lot of those methods on Freelance Folder including: direct mail, cold calling, social media, job boards, bidding sites, and more. Some freelancers even post advertisements.

Freelancers can, and do, find clients in all of those ways. We asked this question over two years ago (and we got some great responses), but as you probably would agree, the economy has changed in two years.

So, for today, we’d like to know:

Where do you find your freelancing work?

Share your preferred method for finding clients. Which technique has been the most successful for you?

Be sure to add your freelancing specialty as well so that we can all tell if there any differences between the specialties. If you use a combination of methods, it’s okay to share several ways that you use to find freelancing work.

It will be interesting to see how (and if) things have changed in the last few years…