Open Thread: Where Do You Get Your Clients?

Finding ClientsOne of the neat things about being a freelancer is the enormous amount of flexibility you have when deciding how to grow your business and get new clients.

Some freelancers get almost all of their clients based on referrals and word-of-mouth. Others get almost all of their business through paid adverting.

Some freelance businesses operate locally, and get the majority of their work in a single region. Other freelancers choose to operate online, doing work for clients all across the globe.

Many freelancers do a little of everything.

Where does your business come from?

Do you prefer word of mouth, or paid advertising? Maybe cold-calling? Do you have other secret methods that you could share with the community?

In this open thread, let’s look at all of the different ways freelancers find new business — by comparing results we should be able to find out which methods work the best, and hopefully help some people make a bit more money :-)

Let’s answer the following questions in the comments:

  1. What’s your specialty? Design? Development? Writing? (as a point of reference)
  2. Are most of your clients local or long-distance?
  3. How do your clients find you? Word of mouth, advertising, other?