15 Websites To Sharpen Your Business Skills

From management, to marketing, to finances — business skills of all varieties are critical to have in this economy and incredibly beneficial no matter what your situation.

In this article we’ve collected 15 different websites that will help you sharpen your business skill set in a number of different ways. Each of these sites is an incredible source of information, and some of them are easily worth reading on a daily basis.

Here’s the list:


Category: Management, General

Bnet is a new-ish website that has become a major resource for anything having to do with business. They specifically focus on management, and much of the advice is directed towards working with other people and larger companies or situations. [Visit the site…]

2. Harvard Business Blog

Category: Management, General

A collection of Harvard’s best business bloggers, this site is a virtual goldmine of intelligent information. Most of the articles revolve around conceptual ideas and business practices, with a significant amount of real-world examples. [Visit the site…]

3. Get Rich Slowly

Category: Finance

Get Rich Slowly is a personal finance blog with advice that is beneficial to all types of people in many different situations. For a basic overview of good personal finance habits, and some very motivational stories, definitely check this out. [Visit the site…]

4. TechCrunch

Category: Online Business, Technology

There’s no better site for following online business news and announcements than TechCrunch. For anyone involved with web startups, blogging, or other online businesses, this is definitely a must read. [Visit the site…]

5. VentureBeat

Category: New Ventures, Technology

VentureBeat covers a broad range of topics with a focus on new ventures and other entrepreneurial news. Most of this content relates to technology or the internet in some way. Reading this on a regular basis will ensure you are kept up with the newest business trends. [Visit the site…]

6. Knowledge@Wharton

Category: General Business

Another of the nation’s top business schools has decided to take some of that knowledge and place it online in a blog format. Knowledge@Wharton covers a number of topics including finance, investment, leadership, management, ethics, and many others. This is an incredibly informative and useful resource. [Visit the site…]

7. Entrepreneur Magazine

Category: Entrepreneurship

This is the website of one of the top entrepreneurial magazines in the world. With most of the content coming directly from the same editorial staff and sources as the magazine, you are guaranteed to find useful and informative content here. [Visit the site…]

8. The Motley Fool

Category: Investing, Finance

The Motley fool is a great website focused on investing and financial advice. They cover just about any topic in those areas, and offer a great way to improve your financial knowledge and decision making. [Visit the site…]

9. How To Change The World

Category: Business General

Guy Kawasaki’s Blog provides an insider look at the many interesting bits of information that are learned by a venture capitalist and entrepreneur. Guy blogs on a wide variety of topics, but all of it is very interesting and sometimes hard-to-find information. [Visit the site…]

10. WSJ Small Business

Category: Small Business

From the Wall Street Journal newspaper comes this excellent web resource for small businesses. This site tackles the many developments in both the economy and the various global markets that affect small business owners. You can find both news and how-to articles. [Visit the site…]

11. Seth Godin’s Blog

Category: Marketing, Small Business

Seth Godin is probably one of the most famous marketing authors on the planet, and on top of that he’s had experience with many varieties of small business. On his blog he writes about both marketing and business, with almost all of his posts containing short and very potent ideas. [Visit the site…]

12. Inc. Magazine

Category: Entrepreneurship, Small Business

From the creators of Inc. Magazine, the Inc.com website provides an online portal into an enormous amount of entrepreneurial information. These articles cover tech, startups, finding capital, management, and many other topics important to entrepreneurs. [Visit the site…]

13. OnStartups

Category: Startups, Entrepreneurship

OnStartups is a blog about, well, startups. Most of their articles are about entrepreneurs and startup companies (especially online companies), but they also frequently address the larger economic or market factors that influence us all. [Visit the site…]

14. ZDNet

Category: Technology

What does a technology site have to do with business? In the case of ZDNet, a lot. Though their content is primarily tech related, it is frequently laced with business information and thoughts about the decision-making process of larger tech companies. This is a great resource to get a feel for the overall tech industry. [Visit the site…]

15. Open Forum

Category: Small Business, General business

Open Forum is a free collection of information and resources provided for small business owners by American Express (yes, the credit card company). Despite the threat of being spammy, these articles are very informative and extremely useful, especially their interviews with famous business owners and entrepreneurs. [Visit the site…]

Well, that’s it for our list of business resources — do you have any to add? Leave us your favorite websites in the comments.