Six Awesome Gifts Especially for Your Favorite Freelance Developer

It’s that wonderful time of year again–the holidays, Christmas and a time for giving. When shopping for your favorite developer (that’s me, right?), it might be tough trying to figure out what to get them. After all, it might seem like we developers have everything from iPads to Androids to big screen LCDs.

So let’s take a look at this season’s most desirable gifts–or, at least, the gifts I wouldn’t mind getting!

VMWare Fusion

For all of those Mac developers out there who wish there was an easier to way to test your sites on Internet Explorer, fret no more! VMWare Fusion is an awesome application that allows you to install as many versions of Windows as you like on your Mac. Took me only 10 minutes to install Windows 7, which allows me to view both Internet Explorer 8 and 7 in one app. It runs really fast and smooth.

Cost: $49.99 with $30 rebate


I’ve checked out every sort of tablet device–from the failed Windows devices of yesteryear, to the Kindle($139) and Books-a-Million’s new Nook($150-$250) device. For the price and features though, you can’t beat an iPad. (Hint: you can run the Kindle app on it as well). The other devices are too expensive and can do only one thing – read books. The iPad allows thousands of apps and is awesome for HD video.

Cost: $499

New Books

I’m a huge book lover and books are always included in my shopping list. What’s cool about this year is that we have a ton of awesome new books that just starting shipping – right in time for the holidays!

Smashing CSS

Written by the CSS master himself, Eric Meyer, Smashing CSS is a new book that covers the basics to the advanced selectors of CSS and CSS3. I just started reading this book myself, and can’t wait to finish!

He also takes you through several awesome tools, including Firefox’s Web Developer Tools and Firebug, and gives you an in-depth tutorial on how to use them. The book is printed well with full color glossy pages, plenty of example images and plenty of how-tos, although the print is a little small.

Cost: $26.39

Hardboiled Web Design

This book was pretty pricey to get to the States, but I’m told it’s well worth it. Written by Andy Clarke and is apparently supposed to be huge in terms of pages.

Hardboiled Web design goes through the latest in HTML5 and CSS3 and shows us how we can use them today and what’s in store for us in the future. I’m also told it comes with some great illustrations and written in easy to understand code language.

Cost: $75.00~ with shipping to the states

CSS3 For Web Designers

A follow up to HTML5 for Web Designers, CSS3 for Web Designers is a promising sequel to the series. These books are short and sweet, giving a general, but in-depth overview, with glossy full color pages.

The book is affordable and well worth the time it takes to read (which isn’t that long), great for any book-loving developer.

Cost: $18.00

Cut The Rope

Ask any developer and they’ll tell you they need breaks too. What better way to spend that break than by playing Cut The Rope on your iPad, iPhone or iPod (coming to Android soon, too!).

Created by the makers of the popular game, Angry Birds, Cut The Rope centers on this cute creature, Om Nom, and the objective is to get the peppermint candies to him by cutting ropes, avoiding spiders, spikes and electrical charges. Cut The Rope has some of the most awesome looking graphics I’ve seen in a game. And Om Nom is just plain cute.

Bonus: You can put together your own Om Nom pet too!

Cost: $.99

Give a Gift

Regardless of what it is, any developer would be happy with a gift from their clients thanking them for all the hard work they’ve done throughout the year. Don’t forget to thank a developer in your life! (I take cash and checks, LOL!)

Your Gifts

What are you wanting for Christmas? Please share a link!