Six Foundations of Freelance Success

Freelance Success FoundationAre you sick of reading about other people’s success? Are you tired of seeing headlines like these?

  • How I Made a Thousand Dollars In a Single Day
  • I Earn a Full-time Income While I Sleep Without Even Lifting a Finger
  • Retire Rich This Year
  • Become a Millionaire Tomorrow

You could probably list similar headlines. The Internet is littered with these types of promises. You’re probably just about as tired of seeing these headlines as I am.

Real success doesn’t happen overnight, and it isn’t easy either. Most of these success headlines aren’t useful to freelancers — they may have worked for someone in a very specific situation, but most of them are just scams or useless information.

That being said, there is real success advice you can use that works practically 100% of the time. Best of all, following this freelancing advice won’t cost you a dime.

Real Success Secrets You Can Really Use Right Now

Real success advice usually doesn’t involve get-rich-quick schemes and creative ways to get money while you avoid work. Instead, real success advice teaches you how to work smarter and compete better. That’s the type of freelancing advice I have to share with you today.

Here are six practical action steps that you can form a foundation of success for your freelance business:

  • Care — Really care about your clients and their needs. It may surprise you, but most of your competitors are interested in making money first and serving the client’s needs second. By caring about your clients you immediately set yourself apart from your competitors.
  • Listen — You won’t discover what your client’s need unless you listen to them. Are you doing most of the talking in your client relationships? That could signify a problem. Slow down and find out what your clients have to say and how they feel about their projects.
  • Persevere — Don’t quit trying. You won’t succeed if you keep giving up. The most successful people in life learn and grow from their mistakes. You can do the same. Your failure now may be the first step towards your ultimate future success.
  • Think — Working smart is always better than working harder. Take the time to learn new skills and techniques. Plan your work schedule carefully and stick to your plan. If you can, work ahead so that you won’t be caught unprepared for a last minute crisis.
  • Do — You’d be surprised at how many people are all talk and no action. To succeed you need to be a doer as well as a talker. Set goals and then take the necessary steps to meet those goals. You won’t succeed if you don’t try.
  • Dream — Don’t be afraid to have dreams. Many freelancers are afraid to try something new or unproven, yet some of history’s greatest success stories came from people who were willing to follow their dreams and take risks.

As you review the list, you’ll probably notice that these tips will work for many different life circumstances and not just for freelancing. Your job is to find and apply each of these to the different areas as you see fit.

Another thing to notice about these tips is that they seem very basic — but actually using these tips on a regular basis can be extremely difficult. To achieve real success, though, it’s necessary to put in the time and effort, and following these tips is a good foundation.

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