5 Sneaky Ways to Get Free Traffic to Your Freelancing Blog

Free Traffic to Your BlogHaving a blog is an extremely important way for freelancers to market our services. After you’ve built a blog and started publishing posts, the biggest challenge is getting people to your blog.

What’s the use of a blog if nobody’s reading it?

Unfortunately, blogging isn’t like building a Field of Dreams, where “If you build it, they will come.” Posting high-quality articles on your blog isn’t enough to get people to discover the gem in your blog.

There are tons of ways to get traffic to your blog. You could pay for advertising, for example. However, as freelancers, we’re usually more interested in strategies that are free and easy.

Below are five sneaky ways to get free traffic to your blog. They’re easy to do. Most won’t take more than a few minutes of your time every day. And most of them are even fun.

1. Comment on Other People’s Blogs

You’re probably already doing this, especially here on Freelance Folder. While we love hearing from you, it’s a big mistake for you to spend time on freelancing-oriented blogs only.

Instead, you want to comment on blogs that your Ideal Clients are reading, rather than on blogs other freelancers are reading.

Pick a handful of high-quality, high-traffic blogs where your Ideal Clients hang out. Add those blogs in your RSS feed reader and make time to read them every day. When you see a post that you can contribute to intelligently, then do so.

Your comment could also be a question, or a reply to another comment. Just make sure to say more than “great post!”

2. Link to Other People’s Posts

When you blog, you may feel nervous about including links out to other blogs. In fact, this usually works in your favor. You see, most blogs have a trackback function. That is, each post contains a link to other blog posts that link into it.

So, while you could be leading people out of your blog and into another person’s blog, you’ll also be opening gateway for the other blog’s readers to find yours.

In fact, linking to other’s people often brings more traffic than commenting. Just make sure you link to high-quality stuff that’s relevant to your readers.

3. Submit Reviews on Amazon.com

Do you like reading? And do you like reading books your Ideal Clients are interested in? Then do post your reviews on Amazon.com! Start by preparing a good profile that’s consistent with your freelancing business, with a link to your blog.

And then make sure you submit coherent, well thought out and extremely useful reviews. You may even attract a few clients this way.

4. Post Replies to Yahoo! Answers

Another way you can attract free traffic is by replying to questions in Yahoo! Answers. It has a nifty search feature, so you can easily find questions related to your expertise.

5. Give Away Stuff

Here’s the idea: Create a free special report or eBook. Make sure to include a strong call to action within the PDF document, to entice the readers back to your blog. Submit it in free eBook distribution sites, like GetFreeEbooks.com (free to submit) or Free-Ebooks.net ($19.97 to submit).

You can do something similar with other freebies, such as website themes, graphics and even javascripts or snippets of code. You can even post tutorials in sites like Instructables.com.

I hope this list has inspired you to try new ways of getting free traffic to your freelancing blog. These ideas won’t only get more readers to your blog, they’re also kinda fun. And you’ll be amazed with the connections you make online using these methods.

A Word About Tracking

You need to track your blog’s traffic, to find out if your efforts are paying off. Free tools for getting web metrics include Google Analytics, StatCounter, and MyBlogLog. Your web metrics will show you, not only the amount of traffic your blog is getting, but also where they’re coming from. After a month or so, you’ll get a good idea of which traffic-getting efforts are working best for you.

How Do You Do It?

If you’re currently blogging, how do you get free traffic to your blog? And if the ideas listed above are new to you, which ones do you plan to try in the near future? Or, does blogging look like too much trouble? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Image by respres