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There’s been a lot of talk on blogs about the PageRank update lately, may tools can help you get better rankings, some are great, some are not. Want to save some serious time and money? Try Solo SEO Link Search Tool, here’s how it works…


You simply start by typing in a desired keyword phrase related to your website. Let’s take “Web Design for example. In just a few seconds, the tool returns numerous helpful links in 4 different categories for you to follow out to good ol Google. The tool returns information in the following categories Add/Submit, Advanced, Directories and Blogs/Forums.


A key reason the tool is so beneficial is that it saves you time typing commands into Google one by one. For example, if you want to Add/Submit your URL to other sites, you could go out to Google and type web design “add url” or web design “add site” or web design “submit url” or web design “submit site” and so on. However, the tool will return over 20 such results in a matter of seconds. You simply follow the links it returns which is way better than the one-by-one approach.

Let’s walk through one such result… To find sites that allow you to submit your URL for Web Design, you would click on web design “submit url” which takes you out to Google. Google returns almost 400K results. You would then start following the results out to various sites that show up on the results like “The Best 25 Sites” and make a decision on whether or not you would like to add your link based on what they are asking in return…money, reciprocal or something else like your right arm.


Anytime you get into linking strategies, stay away from sites that ask you do to things that sound odd. Quality is always the best policy when doing a links campaign.


The advanced feature allows you to do things like allintitle searches. In case you are not familiar with the allintitle:web design command on Google, it gives you a better picture of the true competition on Google because it’s returning results with Web Design in the title tag of the site. For example, when typing in just “web design,” Google returns over over 1 Billion results, but with allintitle:web design, Google returns 1.6+ million. Either way Web Design is Competitive, so let’s take a deeper look.

What about Web Design with a city name in it like Web Design Tampa? Google returns 2.2+ Million for “Web Design Tampa” vs. 14,100 for allintitle:web design tampa which indicates a lot less competition and something based on my experience the is within reach compared to 1.6+ million all in titles.

When making decisions on keyword phrases to go after, use the allintitle:+the keyword feature to get a clearer picture. The lower the allintitle number (to a point because 10 results would be too low) helps you know a little better what to focus on for natural organic results.


Here’s a real world example of an actual client: Search raleigh carpet cleaning… It returns 1,900,000 Now try, allintitle:raleigh carpet cleaning…The results returned are just 1,770 which is why I didn’t mind taking on the project at the time. If I had of made my decision based on 1,900,000, I would probably not have taken on the project. Get the idea? As of this posting the #1 and #2 results for raleigh carpet cleaning is Phoenix Cleaning Solutions which was a client of mine from a few years ago +/-. Phoenix was in my earlier days as an SEO. But hey, they’re still number one and he’s made a killing off his rankings.

Allintitle is not the only way that you make decisions concerning SEO. It is simply one of many ways to make a decision about natural organic SEO strategies.

Be sure to give Solo SEO Link Search Tool a try!



David Williams is the co-owner of Unlimited Web Solutions, Inc., an Internet Growth Strategies Company. He also operates multiple websites including a blog, Create Business Growth.