Spring Cleaning for Your Freelance Biz

sping-cleaning-freelance-bizIt’s spring!

Whether or not you launch into annual spring cleaning your home, consider spring cleaning your freelance business.

It will refresh your biz, re-energize you and help you become a more efficient freelancer.

Here are seven ways you could do it:

1. Start with Your Home Office

Give your home office a thorough cleaning, even if it’s only a small corner of your dining room. De-clutter your work area. Put away documents you don’t use regularly, put unneeded print-outs in the recycling bin, and organize the documents you do need every day.

And because it’s spring, add an indoor plant or two. Replace that broken light bulb (or anything else that needs replacing), and make a healthy addition, such as a stability ball or stand-up desk.

2. Clean Out Your Computer Files

Archive old client files into an external drive and/or an online file storage service. I do this for client files that are six months or older. It’s up to you to decide how long you want to keep client files in your computer.

Also, get rid of sensitive client files that you no longer currently use, such as passwords and other log in information.

3. Make Sure Your Client Database Is Up to Date

Double-check your client database to make sure you have current email and shipping addresses, telephone numbers and other client information you like to keep. You need all this data to carry out certain marketing activities.

4. Sweep the Cobwebs Out of Your Finances

Is your bookkeeping up to date? Are your receipts all in one place where you can easily find them when tax time comes? Whether you use a shoebox or Quickbooks or anything else in between, make sure you’re up to speed.

It’s also a good idea to review your expenses and see where you can cut down so you can keep more of what you earn. Have you been setting aside money every month for taxes? And while you’re at it, follow up on those overdue invoices.

5. Shine the Light on Your Marketing

Now is a good time to assess your marketing efforts. Scrap the ones that haven’t worked, do more of the ones that do, and explore a couple of new marketing strategies you’ve never tried before.

6. Step Up Your Physical Fitness

If winter weather has kept you exercising indoors (or worse, prevented you from exercising at all), the warmer spring temperatures give you the perfect opportunity to get more physical outdoors. As a freelancer, you are your greatest money-making asset, so take good care of yourself.

7. Dust Off Your Mindset

Success begins in the mind. Does yours have dust bunnies that are keeping your business small? Things like scarcity thinking, dwelling in the past, and not taking responsibility for you own life can really hold you back. Take stock of what self-limiting thoughts you have and work to develop new ones.

Take one week or so to go over each of these areas. Before you know it, you’ll have renewed energy and motivation to move your freelancing to the next level.

Do Tell

What does spring move you to do? Does this brighter, warmer season energize you into achieving more? How do you plan to make the most of it?

Image by Alan Cleaver on Flickr