How To Start A Freelance Design Business


  1. Donovan Twaddle says

    I don’t understand this site. When you click on content or a specific guide or publication you want to view, the same page comes up where you have to put in your email and name. Where is the content? Is it emailed? There appears to be no instructions anywhere that I can find.

    I was looking for “How to Start A Freelance Design Business.” Will you email me a PDF? Why am I giving you my email and name? I don’t get it and I’m quite sure I’m not the only one.

    • Ryan Domm-Thomas says


      Some of the posts on our site are from over 5 years ago (this particular one was in 2009). We took ownership just a short time ago and prior to us taking over, some of the content and not the actual pages were deleted. We are slowly but surely working to clean up and rebuild some of the outdated material. The place in which you enter your email is simply a chance for some training material to be sent to you via email.

      I am sorry you caught a few not-so-good pages but do hope you can be patient with us – we’re still working out the kinks. And in the meantime, we do have other valuable information on the site!

      Thanks so much for visiting and sending your feedback to us, we appreciate you!

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