What Your Bookkeeper Wants You to Know About Recordkeeping (Interview)

Freelancers have survived yet another Tax Day, which means now is the perfect time to... prepare for the next one! Most freelancers are in denial about their finances, putting off even thinking about them until taxes are due again--with grave consequences (as you'll see later on). However, recording and monitoring your "books" or records of financial transactions is an essential part of running a … [Read more...]

Introducing FreelanceFolder’s New Premium Sponsor, IAC-EZ

You may have noticed there's a new banner ad at the top of the site. That's because IAC-EZ has recently signed on to be our blog's premium sponsor. IAC-EZ has been a friend of FreelanceFolder for quite some time, and their online bookkeeping services are second-to-none. Their sponsorship allows us to focus on posting better content for freelancers of all types, and it gives us the means to improve our site … [Read more...]