20 Excellent Tips for Getting Your First Freelancing Gig

It's an exciting time! After weeks of wavering, you've finally decided to become a freelancer. You've got the skills. Maybe you've even set up a freelancing website already. You're ready and willing--but there are no clients in sight. Now what do you do? This post gives you twenty tips for finding that elusive first freelancing project. … [Read more...]

How To Avoid the Feast-or-Famine Cycle

For many freelance professionals, the ebb and flow of projects is one of the most frustrating and nail-biting aspects of this line of work. One day you have more work than you can handle. You’re grilling steaks and sipping top-notch California Cabernet. The next day you’re questioning your worth as a freelance pro, wondering if anyone will ever award you another project. Back to grilled-cheese sandwiches … [Read more...]

Welcome To PSDSlicing – Our New Advertiser

Hi everyone, I would like to welcome PSDSlicing to our growing family of advertisers here on FreelanceFolder. With a name like 'PSD Slicing' there's no guessing what they do! Simply send them your design file in PSD, AI, PDF, PNG or JPG format, $119 (%50 discount from the 2nd page) and they'll send it back to you coded. Of course semantic code, table-less, CSS and XHTML valid. … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why You Must Reinvest

As a freelancer it is a daunting prospect to reinvest my hard earned cash back into my business. However, it is also vital to my success. Reinvesting profits is an aggressive and intimidating form of marketing, yet it is highly effective. I will illustrate this point using my analogy of two freelance web designers: Sally and John. Both Sally and John launch their websites at the same time, and both see an … [Read more...]

Welcome To Our New Advertiser – XHTMLiT.com

Hey folks, I'd like to welcome XHTMLit to our growing family of advertisers and partners on Freelance Folder. You'll see the new banner in the sidebar on the right. Big thanks to Artur from XHTMLiT/InterDevil. Basically what they do is take your design file(s), PSD, PNG, AI, etc... and they convert them into valid XHTML and CSS markup, usually in 8 business hours. That could definitely help me and free up … [Read more...]

Welcome To Nick Cernis and ‘Put Things Off’

Hello everyone, I'd like to welcome our new advertiser/partner, Nick Cernis of Put Things Off (welcome Nick!). Put Things Off (PTO) is a fairly new blog that looks very promising and I'm sure many of you folks will love it. Even though there is not a lot of content (hey it's new!), what's on there already is definitely worth reading, and I'm really looking forward to more. My personal favorites so … [Read more...]

Online Marketing Is Great – But What About Traditional Marketing?

When it comes to marketing and advertising your services, it really is a jungle out there. Although there are many different forms of marketing, lately everybody seems to be dancing to the tune of internet marketing not realizing the fact that traditional marketing isn’t out of beat yet, and I sincerely doubt it ever will be. No matter what kind of freelancing you do or business you run, the traditional … [Read more...]

Welcome To Daisho-BlackSmith – Our New Advertiser

"Software and Methodology. The Swords of the 21st Century" - I like the sound of that. If you take a look at the sidebar, you'll see we added a new 125x125px banner around the top. I would like to welcome our new advertiser, Daisho-Blacksmith, to the Freelance Folder family. (hello!) Daisho-Blacksmith is a company based in Munich, Germany, and is run by Michael Gottschalk and Klaus Wiedemann (managing … [Read more...]

Congrats To Daniel Sitter – DavidAirey.com Blog Contest

Hi folks, just a quick post to let you know that Daniel Sitter, who runs Idea Sellers (a blog I read on a regular basis), is one of the lucky winners in a contest David Airey was holding on his graphic design blog. Which just turned one by the way. (Congrats David!) For this contest David had more than $4000 in prizes, and FreelanceFolder was one of the sponsors. Daniel won a full month of banner advertising … [Read more...]