We All Love Free Stuff – Give Some Away And Get More Business

Most companies out there will give you free samples of their products as an incentive to make you want to buy it, or buy something else they have. Even if you're selling your services, and not necessarily products, you can still give some stuff away, and it's a pretty effective way of getting new clients, or re-enforce the business relationships between you and your existing clients (get them to hire you again … [Read more...]

Attention Grabbers – Posters And Flyers

Quite often we (bloggers, designers, writers... ) forget that there are other ways to get customers than advertising and marketing our services/products online. See, we spend a lot of time on the net, working from home, so usually when we think "advertising" we think "online advertising". Let's try to find ways to market my services online How can I get more people to see my website? What site … [Read more...]