9 Clues That Your New Freelancing Gig May Actually Be a Scam

When I began freelancing, one of the things I was most afraid of was failing victim to a work-from-home scam. As a result, I was super cautious. I checked and double-checked every potential client carefully. If something didn't seem right, I didn't pursue it. I don't think that was a mistake. Even though freelancing is much more commonplace that it was ten years ago, the scammers are still out there. … [Read more...]

14+ Things Your “Client” Says That They Probably Don’t Really Mean

Do you ever wish your clients would take a lie detector test? Often clients and prospective clients make statements during project negotiations or in the course of the project itself that just aren't true. Sometimes they do this on purpose (such as when they try to manipulate you to lower your price or turn in the work more quickly). Other times, they just don't know any better. As a freelancer, it's … [Read more...]

About Tire-Kickers and Other Bad Clients

"What is your real price?" I had just responded to an inquiry about my writing services. The above comment was in response to my reply, but that wasn't all. The person sending the email was mad. He went on to scold me for daring to quote a living rate. He included his version of the "market" rate (less than 1/10th of what I had quoted). Then he stated that he should get a volume discount on top of … [Read more...]

Five Freelancing Projects to Embrace and Five to Avoid

Have you ever regretted taking a freelancing project? If you're an experienced freelancer, you probably already know that there are freelancing projects out there that should be avoided. The sad fact is that there are some bad freelancing projects out there. Happily, there are also some wonderful freelancing projects that any freelancer would benefit from accepting. In this post, I'll list five examples … [Read more...]

Reasons to Fire Your Client

It's something we don't like to admit very often is it? No matter how great of a freelancer we are, no matter how fantastic your contracts and vetting process is, you'll ultimately end up with a client you feel that you can no longer work with. Hopefully, you've protected yourself so that these occurrences are rare, but no matter how rare, they're never easy nor pretty. As well as I think my personal vetting … [Read more...]

The Worst Freelance Project Ever

A lot of us complain about our clients. They're too demanding, too nitpicky, late with materials or late with payments. Thankfully, the majority of our clients and projects tend to go pretty smoothly, otherwise none of us would want to be in business anymore! Every once in awhile we come across one of those nightmare clients you read about online and wonder if someone could really be like that. The sad, sad … [Read more...]

Is That Client Legit or Just a Tire Kicker?

When you're first starting out as a freelancer it's very tempting to spend a ton of time with each potential client that shows you some interest. After all, you don't have much work, so it's important that you try to get every client you can. However, when you move past the beginning stage of freelancing, it's important that you don't waste time with the clients who aren't serious about using your services, … [Read more...]

Clients Are Not Demons From Hell

Thanks to the collection of anonymously contributed client horror stories that make up the now famous Clients From Hell website, freelancers everywhere have a place to vent their own frustrations, laugh at other unbelievable, but true tales, and breathe a momentary sigh of relief at the reassurance that we are not alone. Sooner or later, if you haven't already had at least one nightmarish client experience, the … [Read more...]