Three (Almost) Foolproof Sources of New Freelance Clients

Life can be a bit of a roller coaster for freelancers. Whether you’re a copywriter, web designer, or anything else, getting regular contracts that can pay for your bread and butter is a priority. When you’ve got them, things couldn’t be better, and your working life can run very smoothly. When you’re left with next to no work to do, on the other hand, you can be left questioning whether this lifestyle is for … [Read more...]

Are Bidding Websites Good for Freelancers to Use?

Is “bid” a dirty word? If so, no one told me until I had already started the dirty task of bidding. Now, people ask me all the time: Are those bidding websites (e.g., oDesk, Project4Hire and Elance) legit? Seasoned writers often look down their noses at me and say in a snarky tone, “You bid on jobs?” And writers who are just getting started ask me if these sites are scams. Yes, they are legit. Yes, I bid. … [Read more...]

Landing That First Online Job by Using a Bidding Site

Are you new to freelancing online and having trouble landing that first job? It’s not as difficult as you might think. Within 24 hours of signing up with an online bidding site, I landed my first job (though I’m sure my past experience as an offline freelancing artist gave me a little help.) Here's what I’ve done to succeed and what I did may help you as well. … [Read more...]