7 Reasons Why Your Business Card Gets Thrown In the Bin

Did you know that your freelancing business cards say everything that anyone needs to know about you? The design, messaging and feel of the business card are signals that help formulate public perception of you, your brand and/or company. After making a contact, your business card is the only tangible thing they have to remember you by. It is your identity, your chance to be remarkable and memorable for the … [Read more...]

My 5¢ Advertisement

What’s black and white and read all over? I know, it’s an old one right? It’s a newspaper. But if you are looking at starting a new business or expanding on an existing one, I know an absolute guaranteed way to increase your business for the cost of one small nickel. No, I’m not shining you on either. That is the cost of producing a nice business card on quality stock. It is the smallest investment you will … [Read more...]