What Is the Difference Between a Hobby and a Business?

Is your freelancing business actually a hobby? Some people think that a freelance business is really a hobby if you work from home, but is it? What about if you keep unusual business hours or work part-time? Do these things mean you're not really in business? Some so-called gurus say that working from home or keeping unusual hours means you don't have a real business. While many people may have their … [Read more...]

What it Really Costs to Be a Freelancer

A common misconception is that starting and running a freelance business is free. Nothing could be further from the truth. While most freelancers experience lower start up costs than other types of businesses, nearly all freelancers will wind up having to pay some money to start and maintain their freelance business. In this post, we'll list some of the costs that you might expect to pay as a freelancer. … [Read more...]