4 Essential Elements of Freelance Business Planning

Some freelancers strongly advocate the use of business plans for freelancers. Other freelancers will tell you that you don't really need a business plan at all. So, which advice is right? Do freelancers need a business plan or don't they? In my opinion, both opinions are correct. While not all freelancers need to have a formal business plan like the kinds that you would take to the bank or to investors, … [Read more...]

Organize Your Information with Diigo

Have you ever wanted a way to organize the information that you find online? If you're like most freelancers, your answer to that question was probably "yes." Every day, it seems, we're overwhelmed with helpful information. For most of us, there's more information than we can practically manage to apply. Diigo is a free application and community that is designed to help manage the information that we find … [Read more...]

50+ Free Resources for Writers, Bloggers, And Other Freelancers

Do you maintain a blog for your freelance business? Are you a freelance writer, blogger, or someone who writes regularly? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this article is for you. From organization, to finding ideas, to doing the research -- there are dozens of free resources that can help you write better. In this post, we've found 50 that we think will be valuable to you. Here are 50 … [Read more...]

FYI: Do You Know Your Freelancing Rights?

Do you know what your legal rights are when you work for hire? Do you know where you are covered and why? How do you get a copyright? Is it expensive? Can it be taken away from you? How long does it last? Do you really know what you are giving away every time you're paid to create a masterpiece? All of these are questions that you need to know by heart if you are freelancing. Read on for more … [Read more...]

Life As A Web-Worker – Are You Disciplined?

What do you think motivates a person to quit his day job and go web working full time? Well, there are many reasons and each individual has his own story. But overall, I think one of the primary reason behind this decision is that we think we'll have more time for ourselves and our family, and we'll be our own boss. It's true that there is nothing like gaining total control of those 24 hours, however it's … [Read more...]

Maximizing Results As A Way Of Thinking

I've written about why solid goals are the foundation you can build upon as far as productivity is concerned and I've also talked about why this process is one you cannot afford to neglect here on FreelanceFolder. This article will be all about analyzing things from the perspective of a person who is already on top of the goal setting process. In other words, this article will answer one of the most important … [Read more...]

I Got My Roadmap! Do You?

Have you ever gone on vacation without the roadmap? Drives you nuts in short order, doesn’t it? You stop at the first gas station and pick one up and whoever is sitting in the navigator’s seat gets to studiously mark out the route. Or if you are lucky enough to have one of the newer vehicles equipped with navigation tools would you consider leaving home without having it hooked up ready to go? Probably not! … [Read more...]

How To Get (And Keep) A Business Mindset

Many people start a freelancing career, but few succeed. Do you ever wonder why? If you ask a freelancer to list the biggest obstacles that they face, then you’ll get a lot of different answers. Some will say “lack of confidence”, others will list “ stiff competition for jobs”, or “gaps between projects” as their biggest challenges. While there’s some merit to all of those answers, I’m convinced that the … [Read more...]