Question From A Reader – Amount Of Available Work

A reader of FreelanceFolder who shall remain unnamed (let's call him Bob for the purpose of this post) sent me an e-mail a couple of days ago, seeking advice. Bob is a writer with a newspaper background. Here's what he wrote: I am a corporate communications professional seriously considering the freelance world, and the only thing holding me back is concern about the amount of available work. I asked … [Read more...]

Is It Stupid (Or Crazy) Enough To Work?

I used to work in sales and marketing for a big telecom company here in Montreal before I decided to go solo. It was a big building, 14 floors I think. On each floor you had a different department (or many). I remember the 9th floor where all the creative people used to spend their days; designing the next version of the website, the colorful posters, writing kick-ass sales letters, thinking of a new logo and … [Read more...]

25 Reasons You Didn’t Get The Gig

These are some personal observations, reasons I probably would click away, not hire someone, not call back. Combined with some personal experiences, and some reasons I believe I didn't get a gig at some point. Gotta learn from our mistakes. :) 1- Your online portfolio is full of Adsense ads This can be a huge turn-off. Someone does a search on Google, finds your site, clicks, sees the ads, and then leaves. … [Read more...]

Do You Have An Exit Strategy?

My friend David over at Xfep (eXtra For Every Publisher) wrote a really great post on what to do before launching a blog network. No matter if you're a blogger, a freelancer, a small business owner, you have to think of everything (or at least make sure everything is taken care of): Hiring people Marketing Accounting Build an online presence Increase revenues etc... … [Read more...]

Living Project-To-Project?

I quit my "day job" a couple of years ago to focus more on my passions (music, design, writing, among others), and hopefully make a living doing so. Another reason I quit my job was because I wanted to be my own boss, work my own hours, and basically be free to work with/for whoever I wanted to. Saying goodbye to 9-5 wasn't an easy decision to make, but someone had do it, and that someone happened to be me. … [Read more...]

Working With Friends And Family? – What You Need To Know

My first client, when I started freelancing, was a good friend of mine. I had no experience, and was almost desperately looking for gigs. When that friend asked me to design his website, I said yes right away. Was that a mistake? Definitely. But I learned a lot from that experience. At first I thought it was going to be fun to work with/for a friend. It lasted for about a week, then I realized I was … [Read more...]

Online Reputation Management: A Necessary Evil

The Internet has spawned a whole new profession. It's called online reputation management. Even if you don't do business online, have a website, or have an e-mail account, you still need to think about your online reputation. Consider this: Anyone can go online at any time and post a negative comment about you on a blog or message forum and if you have no other information about you online that's what … [Read more...]

The 5 D’s Of A Successful Freelance Career

There are several things you can do in order to get more exposure, more contracts, more recognition while reducing your workload. Let's have a look at the 5 D's of a successful freelance career. (from my own observations and experience, feel free to add to the list) 1- Decision Making When you freelance you have to be able to manage many things at once. Your ability to quickly decide what needs to be done … [Read more...]