When the Client Ruins Your Work–What Would You Do?

As I wrapped up the web copywriting job, I was pleased with the results. The copy was punchy, yet to the point. It was perfectly geared to the target audience. And it was persuasive and well organized. In short, it was some of the best writing I had ever done. I just knew that the client would get lots of results. Except...the client never used the copy I wrote. Not really, anyway. When I went to see … [Read more...]

What to Do When Constant Client Emails Keep You from Working

I love my clients. They keep me in business and they allow me to have the kind of career and lifestyle I've always wanted.¬†However that's not to say they aren't without their vices. The busier we get as freelancers, the less time we have to answer emails, yet the more emails we seem to get. What's worse is that we often get several clients who seemed to need babysitting on the web. While I don't mind … [Read more...]