14+ Things Your “Client” Says That They Probably Don’t Really Mean

Do you ever wish your clients would take a lie detector test? Often clients and prospective clients make statements during project negotiations or in the course of the project itself that just aren't true. Sometimes they do this on purpose (such as when they try to manipulate you to lower your price or turn in the work more quickly). Other times, they just don't know any better. As a freelancer, it's … [Read more...]

Don’t Be Fooled By These 6 Client Lies

Is your client lying to you? Sadly, not all freelance clients are on the up and up. Some clients are downright scammers, while others may just have a tendency to stretch the truth from time to time. Unfortunately, even "little white lies" can have a serious impact on a freelancer who depends on client work and client payments to pay the bills. In this post, I'll list six common client lies and explain … [Read more...]